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10 Reasons Why You Should Book a Boudoir Session

10 Reasons Why You Should Book a Boudoir Session
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Photos courtesy of *Boudoir by Winter

Boudoir can feel intimidating due to its vulnerable nature. It can especially seem daunting when we often worry about flaws and looking "sexy" enough. But the truth is that boudoir is well beyond that! What most people don't know is that boudoir celebrates the sexiness in its model— you! It's not about anyone else-- it's about celebrating what makes you so amazing.

If you're feeling unsure about getting your boudoir booked, this is for you! Here are 10 reasons why you should.

1. Empowerment

Boudoir is about allowing you to embrace your whole self— the things you love and the things that make you unique. You're a model— and with the right photographer, this session will prove it to you!


2. Self-Love

Nothing makes you love and embrace your being like seeing how amazing you really are. Many who do boudoir say it's the first time they saw themselves as sexy, and that's how you deserve to feel!

3. It's not about the nudity

What some people don't know is that you don't have to go full-on naked in boudoir. In fact, it's totally up to you and your comfort zone. You may even find your favorite photos include that black strapless number or something fun and lacey. Nudity is not required (it's totally up to you).


4. Do You don't have to share them

That's right. You see the photos on Instagram and Pinterest— photographers need your permission to share those images. After your session, if you want to keep them to yourself or only share them with your significant other, that's up to you! Just discuss it ahead of time with your photographer so they know to be discreet.

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5. It makes a fantastic gift

... And not just for S.O.— it can even be just for you! Naturally, boudoir photos and albums feel most exciting to give to your sweetheart, but they can just as easily be something for your eyes only (to celebrate yourself). On that note, nobody finds you as sexy as the love of your life and, come Valentine's Day or Christmas (or even anniversaries), seeing you looking all hot and amazing is a gift they'll never forget.

6. It can be a way to celebrate/heal

Did you just hit a health goal? Did you just beat a difficult disease or obstacle that's been holding you back? Or did you finally break free some a difficult situation and are ready to feel renewed? Many people who get boudoir done find this a rejuvenating and freeing way to celebrate and sometimes even heal.

 Some clients are wanting to celebrate beating cancer or getting a new tattoo or even their new baby bump (yes, maternity boudoir is awesome)! Sometimes it's celebrating your anniversary or a milestone in your relationship (couples boudoir). Whatever the reason, boudoir photographers are thrilled to help you celebrate it in style.


7. Size doesn't matter

Let's drop that excuse now! Size absolutely plays no role in boudoir; in fact, it celebrates our diversity! The experience focuses on your strengths and natural beauty.  As we mentioned first and foremost, this is the empowerment of you and everything that makes you who you are. So keep that in mind, whether you're size zero or size 26+, everyone has a place in a boudoir session.

 We'll also add to that— age doesn't matter! We've seen clients of all ages celebrate themselves because it was something they always wanted to do. Let nothing block your way.


8. Boudoir photographers specialize in making this a comfortable experience

You don't have to worry about walking in and dropping all the clothes on the first photo. That's actually super uncommon, so don't sweat it. It's actually normal to start with some teasing shots and clothes mostly intact. As the session moves on, you might pick out that favorite lingerie you've been dying to try. You may decide you're ready to spice it up— or even play it cool with just some juicy pics with most clothes still on. There's no right or wrong way to do it.

Your photographer's top priority is making you feel comfortable, sexy, and in control. They'll give you tips on everything from location/studios, how to pose to flatter everything, and full freedom to decide how "peachy" you want your session to be.


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9. Immortalizing your gorgeous self

Any Schitt's Creek fans? Yes, we love Moira's little rant about taking pictures of yourself— and she's not wrong (including the tip about good lighting). You don't want to look back and wish you'd done it, only to keep putting it off. Like we said, age doesn't matter, so young or mature, don't put off boudoir if it's something you've wanted to do. Find a great photographer and schedule an appointment.


10. You don't have to do it alone

For some, this actually helps make it a much more fun and comfortable experience. Some women bring a gal pal or spouse along to champion them on. This, of course, extends to things like couples boudoir, but can even just mean bringing along a cheerleader to give you that boost of confidence you need and deserve.


Hopefully, this has been helpful in demystifying boudoir a little and allowing you to make a decision on if and when it's right for you. Never put off something out of fear. You deserve an amazing session, so if boudoir (at any spice level) has been on your mind, this is your sign to make an appointment.


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