12 Fun Wedding Trivia Facts You Might Not Know!

Here's 12 fun wedding trivia facts you can share at parties (as either a wedding game or just looking like one smart cookie!)


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1. Why is it called a Honeymoon?

Answer: The couple drank something called 'mead' (a fermented honey drink) the whole first month of their marriage (as an aphrodisiac).



2. Historically, groomsmen helped carry the bride to the wedding.  What was their traditional name?

They usually helped protect her (her dowry and virginity)-- or just straight-up kidnapped her (yikes!). 

Answer: Bride's Knights



3. According to the Knot, what % of brides still wear the traditional diamond in their wedding ring?

Answer: 70%


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4. What is the largest Wedding Destination in the United States?

Answer: Las Vegas with over 114k weddings a year (Hawaii ranks second).



5. Which month is the least popular to get married in?

Answer: January (about 4.7% of weddings a year, June being the highest at over 10%).


6. Who started the white wedding dress trend in the Western world?

Answer: Queen Victoria (during her wedding in 1840 to Prince Albert).



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7. What culture began to exchanging of rings?

Answer: Egyptians as a sign of devotion.



8. In Jewelry, a sapphire ring means what?

Answer: Happiness/Sincerity



9. It's believed the Greeks/Romans started the bride veil because...

Answer: it would shield the bride against evil spirits.


An in-depth description of aspects to consider when planning an intimate backyard wedding shower, written by Las Vegas wedding photographer Amber Garrett Photography.


10. Women have worn wedding rings for thousands of years.  When did men begin wearing them?

Answer: World War II-- It was a way men could remember their wives during the war.



11. "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" are traditional good luck items for the bride on her wedding day.  Which was a bonus?

Answer: A sixpence in your shoe.


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12. According to, WHY is June such a popular month to get married?

Answer: the Goddess Juno rules marriage and childbirth... in reality, it's probably because the weather is infinitely better (and, of course, "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" and its catchy bridal song didn't hurt).



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