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5 Most Popular Hikes in Zion National Park

5 Most Popular Hikes in Zion National Park
10 interesting facts popular hikes in zion

Hopefully, when you come to Zion for your amazing wedding, you will also have time to hike and explore in the days before.  Most Zion Brides love to hike with their soon-to-be spouse and maybe even make it a group affair with those coming to celebrate.  Some areas do require permits, so we'll cover that in this post.  Below you will find the top-rated hikes Zion has to offer!

1. Angel's Landing

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Length:      5 Miles
Difficulty:  Hard

Expect crowds on this hike because it is by far the most popular!  The way is difficult, and the end of the trail is nail-biting, with the hiker holding onto chains to reach the top, and it's not for the faint of heart.  So here's the real question: is the view at the top worth the trek?  The answer is: definitely!  In fact, it's one of the best views in Zion National Park. 

Whether you're at Scout Lookout or any one of the switchbacks, you can look over your shoulder and see the vast canyon in all its glory.  It's important to note that sadly a few dozen people have died over the years hiking this trail.  Statistically, that's extremely small for the sheer volume of hikers this trail gets even daily; nonetheless, it's not for everyone, and it's loaded with switchbacks that will prove difficult for even a relatively experienced adventurer. 

If that hasn't dissuaded you, then brace yourself for a truly unforgettable experience.  Angels Landing has come to be both a badge of honor due to its difficulty to complete and its majestic peak at the top.

The hike itself takes a few hours roundtrip, but wow is it worth it!  Very few views in Southern Utah rival this behemoth.

If you don't mind the heights and have the right shoes for the journey, this is one of the most amazing experiences an adventure couple can have.  


Does it require a permit?  Yes, get one here.

Can I get married here?  No, however, you can get engagements or formals here if you're up for packing your gear to the top.  Ladies, don't forget to bring your hair and makeup kit with you-- you will get sweaty.

how to get a permit angels landing zion national park tips destination2

Start of Trail

Angels Landing Zion National Park

Scout Lookout

how to get a permit angels landing zion national park tips destination3

Top of Angels Landing





2. Riverside Walk

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Length:     1.9 Miles
Difficulty:  Easy

This is a hike that can be enjoyed by everyone in your group!  You can even push a stroller along the trail.  It's not too far and leads you right along the beautiful Virgin River for the majority of the walk.  It's perfect if you love a nice stroll or will have a few extra tag-a-longs who aren't quite as experienced. 

For those traveling from locations where mountains or hills are virtually non-existent, this is a particularly good choice for kicking off.  One of the other nice things about this particular trail is it begins right by the most popular Zion ceremony site, Temple of Sinawava (see below).  


Does it require a permit?  No, but it does require a shuttle most of the year to reach.

Can I get married here?  You can in Temple of Sinawava, you just need a permit.  You may also want to keep to a smaller party as they will need transport via shuttle to get there and it can get quite crowded during the summer (and sometimes shoulder) seasons.

riverwalk trail zion national park ashley and justin photo zion brides2

End of Riverwalk Trail

zion red rock villa wedding venues in southern utah near zion national park109

Wedding in Temple of Sinawava

3. The Watchman Trail

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Length:     3.1 Miles
Difficulty: Easy

This trail takes the hiker up to view the spectacular views Springdale has to offer!  The hike has numerous descents and uphill climbs (so not for the unpracticed adventurer), however, it is one of the most popular due to its easy accessibility and stunning views-- especially at sunrise.  


Does it require a permit?  No, and the beginning of the trail can be reached from the front gate with or without a vehicle.

Can I get married here?  No, although it makes for some great formals/engagements.

4. Zion Canyon Overlook

casandrah jensen zion overlook national park tips top 10 facts destination1

Length:     1 Mile
Difficulty: Moderate

A popular spot due to its rewarding views, Zion Canyon Overlook begins with quite a bit of uphill (some of it including a rail to help stabilize your footing).  After that, the ups and downs aren't quite as tough and showcase many beautiful views all along the way.  Most hikers will find this particular trail decently challenging, but certainly not as tough as Angels Landing in any regard.  In fact, this is a go-to for MANY visitors to Zion just because the hike itself isn't too strenuous and the view at the end is unbelievably gorgeous!  

The hike has one of the most rewarding peaks for the least amount of effort.  It can certainly be done in sneakers, but proper hiking shoes are never a bad idea.


Does it require a permit?  No, just head up Highway 9 towards the East entrance of the park and it's the first parking lot after the tunnel.

Can I get married here?  No, although it also makes for some great formals/engagements.

5. The Narrows

Length:     8 Miles
Difficulty: Hard

The most popular way to hike the narrows is the "bottom-up" method.  This way, you start at The Riverside walk (seen above) and just wade into the water until you reach the furthest point you can go without a permit, and then you hike back the way you came.  You will be met with spectacular views at every turn, and it's a great way to cool off in the summer months.


Does it require a permit?  Yes and No.  If you plan to hike from "bottom-up" starting from Temple of Sinawava, then technically no.  If you're hiking from "top-down" or planning an overnight hike, then read here.

Can I get married here?  No, though you pass through Temple of Sinawava to get there, which does allow ceremonies once you obtain a permit.

Note:  The top bottom method of hiking the Narrows requires a permit.

HYDRATION TIP: It probably goes without saying, but stay hydrated while you're in Zion! Bring a water bottle or pack-- it's hot a good chunk of the year due to the desert climate and elevation.  However, as a note, if you feel like you need an IV hydration boost, you can always check out this company that services the Zion area.  In emergency circumstances, seek medical attention.

We appreciate all travelers, couples, and vendors who do their part to keep our beautiful parks clean. Please leave no trace as you visit, including not leaving anything behind, staying on designated trails, following local regulations, and respecting enforcement and wildlife.

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