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Top 5 Reasons To Have Your Bridals in Sedona

Top 5 Reasons To Have Your Bridals in Sedona
5 reasons bridals in sedona zion brides10 wedding wire the knot


Do you live in Arizona, or are you considering a destination wedding or elopement? Sedona is the perfect place to consider.  Here are the Top 5 Reasons why...

Sedona is likely one of the most breathtaking areas in the country. Abundant with red-rock formations, green trees, national forests, blue skies, gorgeous parks, and magical sunsets, it is surely a top destination for bridal and engagement photos. One of the great benefits of Sedona is that there are so many unique spots that will amplify your wedding or engagement photos. People will look at them with awe!

There are many reasons to consider this part of the country, but here are the top 5 reasons to consider bridals, engagement sessions, destination weddings, or elopements in Sedona!

5 reasons bridals in sedona zion brides10 wedding wire the knot

Top 5 Reasons To Have Your Bridals in Sedona

1 reasons bridals in sedona zion brides10 wedding wire the knot

1. The Light

Sedona’s desert landscape acts as a natural reflector and creates beautiful portraits. The sunshine reflects onto the ground and back on the skin and creates that golden glow. So, what is different about Sedona versus any other part of the American west? Some of what was described above, but the landscape is just so much richer than a standard desert and exemplifies the background of your photos.

Sedona has 278 days out of the year filled with sunshine, so you’re guaranteed to have great weather.

2. The Locations

Sedona has an abundant number of areas to consider for photography. Cathedral Rock is probably one of the most famous destinations (and nearly looks like it could be Zion National Park!) but it can get crowded depending on the time of year and day.

Something to consider doing with your photographer, or your fiancé, is to scout for locations together! Sedona has so many options, and some of them aren’t even established parks (as you’re driving, you may just see a beautiful spot off the road!).

Additionally, if you enjoy hiking, there are many Sedona hikes that you could incorporate into your photo shoot. If you’re not the hiking type, no need to worry, there are plenty of locations that do not involve a long walk.

5 reasons bridals in sedona zion brides10 wedding wire the knot

3. The Surrounding Area

Sedona is a prime location in Arizona. It’s only a couple hours from the Grand Canyon, three hours from Horseshoe Bend, and a couple of hours from Phoenix. This means you can build an itinerary of different photo locations and just go on an adventure together.

Be mindful that some areas (like National Parks or State Parks) may require permits, and of course, you should always get permission before photographing on private property, but there is much to consider. If you’re feeling super adventurous, it’s also not far from Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, or California (if you wanted to make a honeymoon out of a road trip!)

5 reasons bridals in sedona zion brides10 wedding wire the knot

4. Great Accessible Vendors

There are many vendors in the area that are used to accommodate bridal portraits, engagement sessions, or elopements. Some vendors will allow for dress and suit rentals, gorgeous bouquets, officiants, and even musicians. When thinking of planning an event like this, it’s important to find vendors that can help support your vision.

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5. There's Magic Here

If you search online, you’ll find that Sedona is noted as having a mystical component to it. Many report spiritual energy coming from vortexes, creating a positive energy that is thought to be conducive to healing, meditation, self-reflection, and exploration.

Regardless of what you believe, there is an incredibly relaxing and chill set of vibes Sedona provides between the sunsets, stargazing, beautiful views after finishing a long hike and the quietness of the area. Also, who could use a bit more relaxation and positive energy on their wedding day – everyone likely!

The photos pictured here were all taken in the greater-Sedona area. When visiting Sedona, be sure to leave nothing behind at your photoshoot. The geographic area is certainly special and leaving nature “natural” should be a top priority. With that said, there are many ways to respect the land and still get breathtaking photos for your bridal portraits, engagement session, micro-wedding, or elopement.

If you end up considering Sedona for your photographs, you won’t regret the decision! You’ll be able to create beautiful art for your portraits and will likely have a relaxing, rejuvenating, and enjoyable time with the love of your life.

5 reasons bridals in sedona zion brides10 wedding wire the knot



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