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6 Things You Need to Know Before Booking Your Boudoir…

6 Things You Need to Know Before Booking Your Boudoir…
boudoir posing keek boudoir utah

Featuring Tips and Photos by Keek Boudoir

Considering a boudoir session?  That's great!  But don't book your photographer until you've read these 6 tips from an experienced pro...

For all individuals and couples considering a boudoir session in the near future, we agree that it can be a challenge to find a photographer who's a good fit-- whether it's style, personality, or even just plain comfort level.  What's more vulnerable than being photographed in little to nothing, right?  So to help you, we took a moment to interview one of the pros in the boudoir industry, Kacee Payne from Keek Boudoir, and asked for her best advice to individuals and couples considering a boudoir session.

To all readers meeting Kacee for the first time, she's a Utah-based photographer who specializes in making women fall in love with their bodies and providing an experience they'll never forget.  She's a must-follow on Instagram for her ability to bring the fun and most flattering poses for every client.  We'll dive into her top advice when you're selecting a boudoir photographer.

#1. What would you say to a client thinking about doing boudoir?

It is the perfect gift to give your partner before you walk down the aisle. Bridal boudoir sessions are elegant and sexy. You can choose from my client closet and pick the perfect white lingerie to wear.

Bring your veil, garter, and shoes to add the perfect touch. I offer beautiful/masculine products that make the perfect way to gift to your partner. For couples, it's the perfect way to reconnect on another level. Documenting your love and passion for one another is so beautiful. It's also incredibly fun!

boudoir posing keek boudoir utah

#2. What are your top tips to feel more comfortable and prepared for a session?

I have multiple guides that are sent over to my clients after they have booked their session. They will receive a prep guide that tells them everything they need to do to prepare for their session. I have a client closet/lingerie guide that shows all of the outfits I have in my closet that are sorted in size and if they choose to bring their own my lingerie guide goes over all the different types of lingerie along with links to my favorite lingerie shops.

I also send a questionnaire that helps me get to know more about what my client loves about their body and what things they are self-conscious of and want to learn to love more. I will also send quick tips a week prior to their session.

best of boudoir southern utah zion brides

#3. What's something you recommend every client does before they get to their session?

-Try to wear loose clothing, sweats, a dress etc. Avoid jeans at all costs! Make sure you're hydrated! Drink plenty of water!

-Moisturize your whole body and bring your lotion with you.

-Try not to be nervous, it's going to be amazing!!!

keek boudoir utah zion brides

#4. What's something you think every client should know about finding the right boudoir photographer?

You need to connect with them, which is why I do phone consultations. You need to be able to feel comfortable and be able to trust this person during this vulnerable experience. You want somebody who actually specializes in boudoir.

As someone who does specialize in this, I have put my whole heart and soul into what I do. I know which poses are going to look flattering. I know which outfits look good and which ones won't. I will tell you if an outfit isn't flattering and have you change into something else. I pay attention to tiny details. I will fix your hair and make sure your outfit isn't messed up. I know the type of editing to do and how meticulous I need to be. I know how to make you feel comfortable because for the past 4 1/2 years this is all that I've done.

So when you are looking for a photographer, stalk them on Instagram, watch their stories, look at their highlight bubbles, and watch their reels. You will be able to get a feel for their personality and if you feel connected with them then book a phone consultation and find out for sure.

best of boudoir southern utah zion brides

#5. What are 3 things that make a great boudoir photographer?

You have to be able to make the client feel comfortable and trust in you. I have been blessed with that superpower and am able to put my clients at ease and gain their trust right away. I connect with them really easily and it feels like we've known each other forever.

I am super laid back and relaxed and I feel like in this type of situation you kind of need that to help you calm your nerves and relax. And to be able to trust someone with your vulnerability is a huge deal, a lot of that trust comes from how comfortable they feel with you.

What I do is a type of therapy for a lot of these women and a lot of them open up and share super heavy/emotional stories. Sometimes it's just nice for them to be heard, so I listen and give them as much support as I can and occasionally give advice if they ask for it. But like I said I have been blessed with a gift that lets me know what these clients need from me. You know what poses and outfits will look good on a wide range of clients.

I am very honest with my clients and I will tell them what outfits to avoid and if they try something on that is too small, too big, or just looks weird I will tell them! What's the point of wearing something that doesn't look good? I want you to look and feel your absolute best! And when it comes to posing, as a boudoir photographer I can't even begin to tell you how many poses I have saved in my brain.  It's a ridiculous amount and I know that not every pose will look flattering for every client.

So again it kind of comes down to trusting that your photographer knows what's best. Personality!  Your photographer needs to have a fun personality! Yes, it's a vulnerable experience, but if you have the right photographer, they will make is so relaxed and fun! I play music during my sessions, I sing, I dance, I joke around and we laugh a lot!!!!

Even my couple sessions, we are laughing and joking a lot behind the scenes! We like to have fun!

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#6. Are there any other tips that brides/couples should consider regarding their boudoir session? Like getting an album, finding the right wardrobe...?

My structure is a little different than most photographers. I have a session fee and then I sell my images and products separately. As a photographer, I want you to print your images, so why not just have your photographer do that for you?

I have 3 collections that you can choose from or an a la carte menu.  The collections have both products and digital files. So say a client chooses my empress collection they will receive an 8x8 album, a metal print, and their full digital file collections. They pick out the images they want in their album, they pick out what type of cover they want for their album and then I create the layout.

Once they approve that, I send it in for print and will receive it in 1-2 weeks. My albums and Heirloom boxes are my most popular products and I have samples of all of my products available to look at during my client's reveal session.

As far as wardrobe, for women, I've got you covered. I have a client closet full of lingerie sizes XS-4XL. Or If you prefer to bring your own, I have an in-depth lingerie guide that goes over all the different types of lingerie with links to my favorite lingerie shops!

boudoir posing keek boudoir utah
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We're thankful to Kacee for taking a moment to help our Southwestern-based couples find the right boudoir photographer for them.  Whether you're planning a session for yourself, your S.O., doing it individually, or with another person, we know you'll do great and hope this helps you feel more prepared going into your boudoir appointment! 

best of boudoir southern utah zion brides
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