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Our Top 4 Canon Cameras for Wedding Photography

Our Top 4 Canon Cameras for Wedding Photography
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When you're shopping for the right camera for wedding photography or videography, the search can be utterly aggravating.  First, you don't always need to shiniest, latest camera to take gorgeous photos!  But all the same, you don't want a dated camera that will have poor image quality, frustrating focus issues, and make your life miserable in the editing room, either.  In this post, we'll sort out the top level, photographer-favorite cameras for the best value.

The recommendations in this post are used by numerous wedding photographers, many of whom started with old cameras and found their way to these Canon bodies.  This comes on the heels of new photographers asking us: "What is the best camera for wedding photography (Which one lets me shoot great photos in low lighting?  Which is easier to use?  Is mirrorless worth it?)".  We always note that the real question isn't which is best, it's what camera will allow you to take amazing photos in virtually all lighting conditions, solve your focus problems, and be worth the money.

Wherever you are in your photography career, we've included useful summaries on each Canon to help you feel more educated on what model will fit your business.  New photographers and ones who are upgrading will find the cameras selected below are based on reviews from other users, features worth noting, and their ability to stand up for a long wedding day when necessary.  By the way, whenever you see terms that are unfamiliar (like Full Frame vs. Crop Sensor), we've covered them down under the FAQ section. 

Side Note: ALWAYS go with a Full-Frame camera-- it's worth it.  You may think saving money on a crop sensor makes sense now, but due to its limitations, you'll have to upgrade in a very short time (not to mention, deal with frustration in the editing room due to the tighter images and lower picture quality).  That's why the cameras below will all be Full-Frame.

Wondering which to pick-- Canon or Nikon?  Here's our review.

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1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Summary: When it comes to capturing those wildlife details, this one packs a big punch! Photos taken on this will blow up huge, and when it comes to the incredible scenery of Zion, bigger is always better! This model is also very straightforward and user friendly for even beginners.  

Still Res: 30.4 MP           
Weight:  1.76 lbs   

Included: Lithium Ion Battery... (more)

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

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2. Canon 7D Mark II

Summary: This was voted the top Canon camera several years in a row, and it’s easy to see why. This camera has it all! It can take photos in almost any light which easily sets it apart, combined with its lightning fast frame rate, you won’t miss a beat on adventure! 

Still Res: 20.2 MP           
Weight:  2.01 lbs   

Included: Lithium Ion Battery, Charger... (more)

Canon 7D Mark II

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3. Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Summary: If video is your passion, look no further than this camera. While this boasts incredible image quality, videography is where this camera really comes to play!

Still Res: 22 MP           
Weight:  2.09 lbs   

Included: Lithium Ion Battery... (more)

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

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4. Canon EOS 6D Mark II (Top Budget Choice)

Summary: This camera may come in under budget, but it still has all the extreme power of some of its bigger, badder competitors. With an impressive focus system and image quality, this camera is also compatible with the best lenses on the market making it an excellent pick for any wedding professional!

Still Res: 26.2 MP           
Weight:  3.45 lbs   

Included: Lithium Ion Battery, Battery Charger... (more)

Canon EOS 6D Mark II

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If you're planning to be a photographer for destination weddings in Southern Utah, Arizona, Nevada, or anywhere in the West with an epic venue (indoors or out), you'd be hard-pressed to find better Canon cameras than the models mentioned above.  


Know of any other amazing camera recommendations?  Drop them in the comments below!


We earn a commission through the links above. However, these were selected based on their commitment to customer satisfaction and recommendations based on experienced photographers.

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