Our Top 4 Nikon Cameras for Wedding Photography

Purchasing the right camera for an adventure wedding or elopement is a top asset to photographers capturing the most epic and breathtaking scenery.  This is especially true in the West where incredible scenery is abundant wherever you go.  The question is: "Which kind of camera should I buy for weddings?"  These cameras below get high marks from both casual and professional users, with some of them being used first-hand by ZB-recommended vendors

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Before we get into it, you've probably gone the rounds with this question: Canon or Nikon? It’s the eternal question with photographers. But which one is better? Truth is that both Canon and Nikon offer excellent options when it comes to adventure elopement photography, and the photographers on our list use both. Today we are reviewing the top Nikon camera for your next adventure elopement. First things first, we are recommending full-frame cameras. While there are some awesome crop sensor cameras available on the market, in order to catch the sweeping wide views of places like Zion or other amazing locations, a full-sensor camera is highly recommended.  


With that out of the way, here are the top professional Nikon cameras for wedding photography.


Nikon Z9 FX-Format Mirrorless

Summary: The Z9 is an absolute powerhouse of a camera with every function you could want. It shoots in 8k video and can record for 2 hours, an unprecedented amount!  Certainly a must-have for the serious photographer.  At the price tag of $5,619, it's not your cheapest option, but it is one of the best and our top choice.

Nikon Z9

Still Res: 45.7 MP           
Weight:  2.95 lbs   

Included: Lithium Ion Battery, Charger... (more)

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Nikon D850 Digital SLR

Summary: This model is older, but it still boasts one of the best focusing systems on market, and the picture quality is phenomenal!  Because it is an older camera, it won’t set you back like some of the newer ones will. This one was built for image quality, and it shows!   

Nikon D850

Still Res: 45.7 MP           
Weight:  2.02 lbs   

Included: Lithium Ion Battery... (more)

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Nikon Z 7II-Mirrorless

Summary: This camera is Nikon’s most popular mirrorless camera that still boasts a full-frame sensor. More and more adventure photographers are making the jump to mirrorless because they're known to be lighter than the traditional DSLR.

Nikon Z7II Mirrorless

Still Res: 45.7 MP           
Weight:  1.9 lbs   

Included: Lithium Ion Battery... (more)

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Nikon D750 (Top Budget Choice)

Summary: This camera was released in 2014, but this model still remains one of the top-performing full frame cameras on the market today. While it may not have the bells and whistles of more recent additions, its image quality will rival any other on the market. If you are looking to capture stunning images for less money, look no further than the Nikon D750!

Nikon D750

Still Res: 24.3 MP           
Weight:  1.65 lbs   

Included: Lithium Ion Battery, Battery Charger... (more)

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If you're planning to be a photographer for destination weddings in Southern Utah, Arizona, Nevada, or anywhere in the West with an epic venue (indoors or out), you'd be hard-pressed to find better Nikon cameras than the models mentioned above.  


Know of any other amazing camera recommendations?  Drop them in the comments below!


We earn a commission through the links above. However, these were selected based on their commitment to customer satisfaction and recommendations based on experienced photographers.

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