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Creating an Intentional Wedding Day

Creating an Intentional Wedding Day
Creating an Intentional Wedding Day - Jenn Wilde and Zion Brides

The allure of an adventure elopement may initially seem like an exciting and spontaneous experience, resulting in photos that will rival the viral desert wedding that you see on your Instagram feed. The reality of creating an intentional wedding day, however, is that its beauty is meticulously woven through planning, thoughtful details, and purposeful execution.

As an adventure elopement officiant who has been deeply immersed in the world of weddings for years, I've come to understand that orchestrating the perfect wedding day extends far beyond merely envisioning it. In the realm of elopements, success isn't solely measured by the grandeur of the location or the skills of your photographer. Sucess is about an intentional, one-of-a-kind experience that resonates deeply with you and your partner.

In this article, I'll delve into the importance of intentionality when planning your wedding day. I'll also explore the significance of infusing your celebration with personal meaning, and offer insights into how you can create a day that reflects your unique love story.

If you're yearning for a day that harmonizes effortlessly and leaves you longing to relive every moment, join me as we uncover the magic behind creating an intentional wedding day.

Creating an Intentional Wedding Day: 5 Tips from an Adventure Elopement Officiant

Determine Your Dream

Before jumping into the logistics of planning your adventure elopement, take the time to define your dreams for your wedding day. Reflect on what truly matters to both of you and envision how you want your elopement day to unfold. Whether you're drawn to breathtaking mountain vistas, serene beach settings, or hidden wilderness trails, become clear on what matters to you. This will serve as the compass guiding you toward the perfect vendors and location. It will also set the tone for your unforgettable experience.

Here are some questions to get you started:
1. What do you want your wedding day to feel like? I often have couples share this before we ever talk about location or views. Being intentional means focusing more on being in the moment, rather than what the moment looks like.
2. What are the top 3 priorities for your wedding day?
3. What places in nature are you drawn to and where do you feel the most connected and at peace?

Embrace Authenticity While Creating an Intentional Wedding Day

Your adventure elopement is a celebration of your unique love story, so don't be afraid to embrace authenticity in every aspect of the planning process. Infuse elements of your personalities, values, and shared experiences into your elopement day. This will help create meaningful and memorable moments. Remember, this is YOUR wedding day so let your love shine through in every detail.

It’s all about the two of you, so keep that in mind to make your day reflective of your love:
- Think about what makes you unique, and what you love (aside from your partner), and then google how to incorporate that into your wedding day.
- Visualize your wedding day for a moment, without limits. By being present and allowing your mind to run wild for a minute, you will get a glimpse into what is authentic for you!

Finding the Right Location

Choosing the perfect location is one of the most crucial decisions in planning an adventure elopement. While creating an intentional wedding day, consider destinations that resonate with your shared interests and passions. Whether it's hiking to a secluded waterfall, exchanging vows atop a mountain peak, or saying "I do" on a beach at sunset, explore various options.

A few factors to keep in mind when considering locations:
The location you choose for your elopement sets the stage for the entire experience. Don't be afraid to think outside the box to find a location that speaks to your hearts.
- Accessibility: How much are you willing to hike to get to the epic view? If having guests, how far can they hike or walk?
- Privacy: This is a big one. Many places you see photos of with couples eloping are NOT incredibly private, especially if it is in a national or state park. There are spots for more private ceremonies, it might just require some extra research. And don’t hesitate to ask your vendors for suggestions!
- Restrictions & Permits: There are restrictions at almost every location, so do your research. Better yet find vendors that assist you with permits and are familiar with the locations you are interested in.

Photo by Jordan Voth

Slow Down And Enjoy

Amid the excitement of your adventure elopement, remember to slow down and savor each moment. Take time to breathe, soak in the surroundings, and fully embrace the beauty of the day. Whether it's sharing a quiet moment before the ceremony or pausing to admire the sunset during your vows, allowing yourself to be in the moment will make your elopement experience even more memorable.

Take this one setup further by making sure you have vendors (and a timeline) that support this. Let’s face it, all wedding vendors have something that they excel at. If having an intentional wedding day is important to you, find pros with the same values and vibe.
Here are some questions to ask:
1. In what ways do you help plan our day and do you provide a timeline and location ideas?
2. What is your approach on our big day? Are you more precise, sticking to a timeline and getting to all the epic locations? Do you prefer to have a timeline as a general guide, but keep things low-stress, allowing us to be in the moment?
Jenn Wilde officianting a ceremony in Moab | Forever to the Moon | Zion Brides Feature

Document Your Experience

Your adventure elopement is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that deserves to be captured and cherished for years to come. Invest in hiring a professional photographer and/or videographer who specializes in elopements to document every moment of your day. From the intimate exchanges of vows, to the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you, capturing these memories will allow you to relive the magic of your elopement for years to come.

My tidbit of advice as a wedding professional who has worked with HUNDREDS of different photographers over the year is this. Do not settle on someone that you find on social media with a few beautiful photos that fit into your budget. There is more that goes into being a professional adventure elopement photographer than talent behind the lens and great editing skills in Lightroom.

Have a consultation or discovery call with all your vendors. Ask them questions based on your vision. When do you, make sure they are familiar with the location you are thinking of. Also, always look at their portfolio, website, and reviews. Having an intentional experience on your wedding day can be supported and elevated by the RIGHT vendors!

Weddings with Jenn Brooke - Wilde Heart Weddings

Bonus Tip: Hire an Experienced Officiant

Often couples choose to skip having someone officially preside over the ceremony, instead sharing their vows in private with their photographer performing the minimal requirements while making sure you are legally married. While this is a great option, I’d like to provide another possibility.

1. A professional wedding officiant (ordained minister or Wedding Celebrant) can play a crucial role in your elopement day being your guide for both the legal and ceremonial aspects of getting married. The ceremony is truly the foundation of a wedding or elopement It inspires reverence and contemplation by offering a pause and a structured space to slow down and connect with each other on a deeper level. In the case of adventure elopements, it fosters that same connection with nature and the universe.

2. When choosing an officiant, look for someone who is experienced in officiating elopements and who can share in your vision for the day. I suggest looking for someone who aligns with your values and beliefs; keeping in mind there are plenty of diverse options for a wedding officiant outside of the traditional religious options.

3. Whether you opt for a traditional ceremony, or something more unconventional, having an experienced officiant by your side will help ensure that your ceremony is meaningful, and most importantly, an extension of you as a couple!

After all is said and done

In the long run, knowing that you can have an adventure elopement that is intentional, yet spontaneous and simple, is easy if you have the insight and perspective. Remember that this day is all about you and the love that you share as a couple. This will allow you to be truly present in all the moments, including the planning process, which is the very beginning of the adventure!

As you embark on the journey of planning your adventure elopement day, remember that the true magic lies not just in the grand landscapes and epic photos, but in the thoughtful details and authentic moments you create together. By crafting your dream experience, defining your vision, embracing authenticity, finding the perfect location, and enlisting the help of wedding professionals to elevate your experience, you're laying the foundation for a day that is truly reflective of your love story.

Here's to your unforgettable adventure elopement and the beautiful journey that lies ahead.
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