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*Keek Boudoir

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For those who are curious, Keek is my nickname. I have been a photographer for 15 years. It was about 4 1/2 years ago that I fell head over heels in love with Boudoir Photography. I have been fortunate enough to photograph all types of women as far as abuse survivors, women claiming they have a “mom-bod”, weight loss transformations, cancer survivor, bride, mother, wife, sister, grandma. Every one of these beautiful women had a story to tell, and every one of them was fighting to love themselves despite their (perceived) physical flaws. Together, we laughed. We cried. We hugged. We talked about the power and importance of self love and self acceptance. And it was their stories that helped me fall in love with boudoir. I was determined that each of these women I photograph feel amazing, feel loved, feel sexy, and learn to see the strength and beauty I saw in them.

Boudoir isn’t for “sexy” bodies. It’s for EVERY body. As it turns out, even the most gorgeous women struggle with self love every day. I want women to believe it when their partners tell them they are sexy. I want women to stop comparing themselves to one beauty ideal that is only based on appearance. My love affair with boudoir can be summarized with two words: “Love Yourself”. I fell in love with boudoir when it stopped being about sexy bodies, and it became about self love; about celebrating life and strength. It was less about textbook beauty and more about what makes each client uniquely beautiful. The thing about Loving Yourself is that it’s a journey you start today. And it is a journey, complete with ups and downs.

If you’re telling yourself, “I’ll do boudoir when I lose weight/when my stretch marks fade/when I am __ enough,” Then stop it. Your fear and self-doubt can come up with endless reasons for you to not do anything outside your comfort zone. So much freedom is found when you embrace everything about yourself; perceived flaws & all. You will learn to stop caring what other people think and realize that no one focuses on the things that you do. Other people look at you and only see what kind of friend you are, the love you give, the compassion you share, and the joy you bring. By stripping your mask away, you see what’s inside you and begin to know that that’s what matters most.

You become the example for other women. You become someone who will inspire others to strip off their own mask & begin a journey of their own!

Master the Art of Boudoir Poses: A Comprehensive Guide to Flattering Your Body

Master the Art of Boudoir Poses: A Comprehensive Guide to Flattering Your Body

Sneaking Away After the Wedding Day | Boudoir Inspo

Sneaking Away After the Wedding Day | Boudoir Inspo




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