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I seriously cannot put in to words

I seriously cannot put in to words on the detail and the flexibility Amber has. I think I speak for all brides that she is so down to earth and ready to do what ever you … The Bride wants to do. I had my wedding originally planned for April 2022 in Las Vegas, due to health and a pregnancy, we decided to move up the date to Dec. 2021in my home town of San Diego. Keep in mind this is all mid-pandemic and I legit was so worried and freaking out about everything. I went back and forth on dates, trying to find something where she was available, and something that did not seem so crazy soon ! She was so relaxed during the whole time I was freaking out about my wedding planning. She reminded me to enjoy the engagement because the time will fly…and boy did it truly fly on by. She had a very thorough questionnaire that she followed to a “T” when it was time! From start to finish she let me know what was next and who to take photos with next. It was perfectly organized and I Thank you Amber for being so flexible and such an amazing photographer! I posted so many of my photos because I could not choose my favorite ones!! I have added only a few but a couple of my favorite pics !

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