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Tambra was our full service wedding planner for our April 2022 wedding with a 30K budget

Tambra was our full service wedding planner for our April 2022 wedding with a 30K budget. Our wedding was absolutely perfect. I would choose Tambra over and over again for the following reasons: 1. She was responsive and available. I was always able to reach Tambra whether it was through text, call, or email. She always made a point to be available to us and responded to all of our requests almost immediately. Or, if she was particularly busy one weekend, she would acknowledge our request and let us know that she would get back to us within the next 72 hours. Her responsiveness was incredibly important to us, because in planning a wedding, everything feels urgent and important. It was really reassuring to know that she was always just a text away if we needed her. 2. She was kind and patient. I was constantly impressed by how pleasant it was working with Tambra. As a couple, we were incredibly indecisive and changed our minds on some big ticket items multiple times. Tambra very gracefully supported us through our decisions and never once made us feel judged or guilty for changing our minds. I could tell that she is truly a kind person who really cares for her clients. This was so important to me, because as a bride you want the planning process to be pleasant. Tambra always made me feel like I was being supported. 3. She was organized, dependable, and professional. Tambra delivered beyond our expectations on our wedding day. During the days leading up to the wedding, she was checking in almost every day just to ask if we had any hiccups come up. On the day before the wedding, she helped us secure last minute space heaters for the wedding due to inclement weather. She also pre-walked the ceremony grounds and recruited staff to mow the lawn and clean up twigs since she felt it not up to her standards. On the wedding day, thing ran so smoothly. I very much owe our perfect wedding to Tambra’s planning skills and foresight to ensure everything was planned. She also offered expert tips that we would not have known had we not had her experience, such as how to time out the day, how to make a ceremony seating chart, when to time photos with sunset, etc. Tambra’s execution of our wedding day made all of the cost of the wedding worth it. I cannot express our gratitude enough to Tambra for helping us make our dream wedding come true!

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