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When we travel out west in the future, we know who to contact for an anniversary shoot!

My husband and I had been together nearly 10 years before we got engaged. We instantly knew that when we wanted to get married, we wanted something low key, stress free, and just for us. City hall seemed like it was going to be the way our journey was going to go (yes I’ve had a lot of time to think about this in the last 10 years lol). When we got engaged we thought, why wait. And why can’t we do something extremely special for our big day? We haven’t traveled much together, even after being in a relationship for so long and we both work extremely hard. The idea popped into my head, let’s go to the west coast and elope! (We live on the east coast). I honestly just searched on Google the most beautiful/magical places to elope and the PNW came up. I did some research and I knew this was the place. A place to begin our journey to marriage and a place to make new memories. Of course I thought to myself, I need to find someone to capture these beautiful moments, so I did some more research and came across Traci and Bill’s website. Just after reading about their business, adventure and vow, the first time I saw it, ease completely washed over me. I saw some of Traci’s photography on Instagram and was completely floored by how amazing her work is. I instantly e-mailed her and I’m so grateful I did, because our experience working with Traci and Bill was nothing short of wonderful. From the very beginning, they felt like long lost friends. Communication was seamless and the anticipation and excitement up to and on our day was always present. They held our hand through the whole process from beginning to end and left no detail unturned. Their professionalism and preparation are something to admire. Not only did they capture every moment of our day, they took us to dinner the night before our elopement so we could get to know each other. Traci gave us endless recommendations on things to do/see for our trip. Gave us constant updates and reminders. I could go on and on, but to say they go above and beyond for the couples they work with is a complete understatement. We had never been photographed together and were extremely nervous, but you would never know because Traci and Bill are that good! They were so patient with us and gave us all the guidance we needed. What they do is extremely special…and it takes two genuinely amazing people who are passionate and truly care about their work to create experiences like this for others. They are not only photographers/videographers, they are friends, wedding planners, adventurers, improvisers, problem solvers, always prepared, great at recommendations, active listeners, easy to talk to, and are down for anything! Bill officiated and put together our ceremony. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It was beautiful and felt like it was written just for us. So thankful Traci could be one of our witnesses also, considering it was just us. Even after a long eventful day starting on the mountains and ending at the coast, Traci sent me our sneak peaks that night. I also couldn’t believe how fast we received our entire gallery and our elopement video. Seeing our full elopement story on their blog on their website, was truly special and I am still shocked and in awe. I feel like it was just yesterday, even though we got married back in the beginning of August. This whole experience was completely out of our comfort zone and was scary at first, but I can not be more grateful/thankful that this is what we decided to do. Once we found Traci and Bill the fear went away and it was probably the easiest/best thing we ever did. I can’t say enough great things about these two, and I will recommend them over and over again to anyone who is looking for a similar experience! I hope someday we cross paths again. When we travel out west in the future, we know who to contact for an anniversary shoot! <3

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