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YES, yes and yes!!

YES, yes and yes!! Tambra Moultrie is the best planner I’ve ever seen! As a stressed bride during covid, changing my wedding three times… planning was a piece of cake with Tambra, only Tambra could make my wedding planning enjoyable. If I could do one thing all over for my wedding…. I would have flown out earlier to Zion and hung out with Tambra and her family. She is the most positive person who has the special gift of helping others. She isn’t just a remarkable wedding planner, now has become a dear friend. Very inspiring women, uplifting others constantly. She is quiet behind the scenes and will make sure you have the best day of your life. I’m sure there were hiccups during the weekend, which I knew nothing about. I called her many many times in tears, especially during covid stress and with random dilemmas. She just made me feel comfortable in every aspect…. And then you see her WORK! Her pictures do not do it justice, everything is strategically planned and placed well before the events start! I didn’t have any stressors the weekend of my wedding (besides Covid testing which she helped me find) My mother and mother in law contacted her throughout the entire wedding planning. She was patient and cheerful with all my family and wedding guests. I even told her I needed a cooler for all of our drinks to rent… the weekend of the wedding she MADE A COOLER FOR ME! She knew that was my stress, made it all disappear. She earned wayyyy more than she charged me to plan my wedding. Extremely reasonable and I was shocked by how she went above and beyond for me. She planned and organized all of the most wonderful vendors. I’m so thankful I trusted her to plan my most perfect day! I’m 30 years old and have been a bridesmaid at least 15 times…. Best wedding experience by far because of Tambra

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