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Do’s and Don’ts of Making the Perfect Wedding Budget Plan
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We understand a budget is necessary for a wedding or elopement. Some couples are paying for themselves, others have some help from family/friends. You have a few key pieces that can trim the budget and still throw the wedding of your dreams!

Whether you're eloping or throwing a full-on wedding, budget usually comes early in the planning process.  Whatever level you're looking at, you'll want to ensure your money is going toward fulfilling your vision and making the most of every dollar spent.  Typically, Zion Brides adventure couples have a wedding budget between $50k and $100k (especially when you include a venue, lodging, and great vendors).  That said, adventure couples come from a wide range of backgrounds and the most important piece of the puzzle is that you, the couple, can celebrate the love between you in the way you imagined it.

So first, let's look into items where you might be able to do a little trimming...

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DO: Where can you trim a little off the budget?

Where there's room to pare down...

Guest List: We understand-- you want as many as you can to attend your special day!   It's hard to imagine trimming the guest list when you know there are so many who would love to come support you.  Unfortunately, headcount can greatly impact your bottom line.  Just remember that the fewer you have, the smaller the budget needed for the items below...

-Catering (costs vary by the head)
-Open Bar (again, the tab will depend on party size)
-Rentals (tables | chairs-- all ordered depending on guest list)

So be sure to make the guest list and wedding party your A-listers (again, not to say anyone's more or less important in the grand scheme of things beyond the wedding day, but that those you invite may travel without much trouble and be a good supporter of your union-- and ideally keep any drama to a minimum).

Because you'll have a number of friends and family you'll still want to be involved (even if it's not in person), you can still stream your ceremony to the rest!  It's great to Zoom in those loved ones so they can still feel a part of the main event.  And, of course, remember to share your amazing photos and videos with those who came and those who watched from home when the galleries and links drop in your inbox afterward.

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DON'T: Where You Don't Want to Skimp

Where you shouldn't trim...

While saving some cash may be a virtue in certain parts of your wedding, these items below can severely hurt your overall experience if cut or 'bought on the cheap', Be sure to prioritize these items when it comes to allotting your funds.

-A Great Venue
-*Experienced Photographer
-*Real Florals
-*A Perfect-Fit Wedding Dress
-A Planner | Same-Day Coordinator

*These will make a major difference in you liking your photos or LOVING your photos.

While there is a dream team of vendors you can assemble, you want to ensure these top players don't fall by the wayside during the planning process.  You'll want to avoid the pitfalls of previous brides who unfortunately are left saying: "I never got my photos back/they were lost/they weren't what I wanted", "I wish I would've gotten the right wedding dress to flatter my body type", "My wedding day would've been so much less stressful if someone experienced could've kept the timeline", etc.

Want more budgeting tips when you're first discussing the budget?  Click here.

Sarasheena + Adam

Regardless of how much that final number is for your wedding budget, always keep in mind that the experience you have, especially with key vendors, has a close tie to what you're willing to spend.  The best vendors charge what they do because they've worked hard to ensure you're a priority in this whole process.  That doesn't always mean the highest price tag is always the best choice, but it does mean you'll want to do your homework before ever putting down a deposit and allowing the purse strings a little wiggle room when you find the right one.

We're so excited for you and hope your big day is everything you dreamed it would be!  Congratulations on your engagement and we hope to see your wedding day photos appear on Zion Brides someday!

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