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FAQ's For ZB Vendors

Zion Brides is the top growing resource for adventure brides getting married around Southern Utah and beyond!

It's always a pleasure to meet new vendors in the wedding industry.  Whether you're based in Southern Utah or nearby, or even a travel vendor who'd like to get in front of more adventure couples, we can't wait to learn more about you.  Many vendors who apply to Zion Brides may know a lot about our frontend process on how we reach couples, but not as much on how it works behind the curtain.  This page is for you!

Q. How many hits does your site get a year? 
As of 2022, we're averaging between 60k to 80k a year in views.  We also reach approx. 130k accounts on Instagram every 90 days. 

Q. What's the average age range of your audience? 
Our audience is over 81% female, with 40% between 18-24 years old and 35% between 25-34.

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Q. Do you feature content outside of Zion National Park?
Absolutely!  While Zion will always have a special place on our site, many brides come for our inspirational adventure elopements and weddings, meaning anywhere with an incredible vista and good venues.  Our most popular content usually comes from Zion, Moab, and Sedona, with occasional wedding features across the Pacific Northwest.  Openly, if you have a gallery with a gorgeous view that adventure couples would love, we want to see it!

Q. What is your audience like?  How much do they usually spend on a wedding?
Our brides and grooms love things like Patagonia, dogs, travel, long hikes and a picnic (and are often Harry Potter fans, too). They're also some of the best couples you'll ever meet!  We've found our brides often have a budget between $50k and $100k.  We stress the importance of planners, experienced photographers, and having a good venue, so while we love and welcome brides of all budgets, we typically see more of our couples fall in that range.

Q. How do you go about featuring my business?
For our ZB Vendors, we include a storefront (see examples here), as well as priority publication (meaning your work is queued ahead of non-vendors).  We also offer awards and appearances in our ZB magazines released twice a year (see below for more details).  In addition to that, we want brides to see you on social media.  Unlike some publications that may only feature you once (ever) upon signup, we put you in a monthly rotation for as long as you're with us, meaning you'll appear at least once a month on Instagram-- which our vendors love.

Q. Do you accept boudoir?
Yes, in fact, it's become one of our most popular stops on the site.

Q. Are your followers on @zionbrides real?

Q. Can anyone be a vendor?
No, while we're happy to meet with vendors from all levels of tenure, we prefer vendors who've done several weddings/elopements and have proven to offer a great experience overall (we know some have the occasional bad review, but we aim to feature vendors who strive to provide a reliable, customer-centric approach).  After you apply, we review the information you provided and reach back out (either by phone, Insta, or email) and make sure everyone's questions are covered.  Then we send you a link to get started.

Q. Which vendors usually do the best?
We've found the vendors with at least 3 posts perform the best among brides.  That doesn't mean you need to write anything-- it just means we have a few galleries with your business tagged on it.  You can submit content easily here.  We do, from time to time, send email questions that we'll ask you to answer that may be featured in posts (such as this one).  Our goal is to showcase your skills and expertise so brides fall in love with you.

Q. Does it cost money to be a vendor?
Zion Brides does offer plans for vendors to help them find the best match for their business.  The membership helps us keep the site running and ensure we have the resources (advertising, hosting, management) to get you in front of the right couples through SEO and social media.  Once we've approved your application, we aim to be a great champion of your business.

Q. How long do vendors stay with you?
We have vendors who've been with us since 2019 that are still active, and we love all of our new ones this year.  As of 2022, the vast majority of our vendors have renewed at the end of their first term.

Still Have Questions?

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Our Guides: Zion Brides has begun releasing a guide twice a year (Spring and Fall) to help couples work their way through the planning process.  We focus on how to bring their wedding/elopement together and emphasize the value of working with top vendors.  We list our Gold and Preferred members throughout to help couples know the pros and feature their business info in the back of the guide.



Once you feel ready to move forward, we'll send an approved email and finalize the details.  We build your storefront and begin advertising you on the website and social media.  You're able to make changes to your profile and storefront at any time (including email contact, phone, social media profile, and more).

Vendor Benefits

Want to see an example of your benefits?  Perfect!  We've included screenshots and explanations to help you make the best decision for your business.

Priority means your listing appears near the top of the Vendor Collective and includes a "Preferred" statue at the top of your storefront.

Screenshots of Storefront

Digital Guide
Gold & Preferred appear in the directory at the end and may also offer additional content such as posts, quotes, visual content, and more.  Click image to see more...

Achievement Awards
These badges are given to recipients who've displayed excellence in a specific way.  Customer Experience Award is given upon completion.  Cover Contest badges are twice a year prior to the release of our digital guides.  All others are given annually. 


TOP CONTRIBUTOR: Top 3 Vendors who've provided content during the year
 CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: All Vendors with 10 5-Star Reviews
 DIAMOND AWARD: Our Highest Award
 COVER CONTEST WINNER: Cover Winner based on votes

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Example 300x300 Ad, displayed on Home Page.  You can create your own or we'll build one for you (included).  It'll link straight to your website.

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Our online inspo publication, started in 2018, has helped countless brides find everything from how to build their dream wedding to the vendors that can make it all possible.  We've achieved our mission of becoming the top site for adventure couples and destination brides for Southern Utah and nearby-- now we want you to see why!  Our staff has years of experience in the industry and loves showcasing the work of the talented members of the Southern Utah wedding collective.  Let Zion Brides be your guide...

Zion Brides is honored to serve the Destination Brides of the World, especially those looking to have their destination wedding or elopement in and around Southern Utah.

Our inspiration covers all the most dreamy venues and locations from Zion National Park, Bryce, Moab, Snow Canyon, and more-- even showcasing incredible places like Sedona and the Grand Canyon. 


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