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How to Choose Your Zion National Park Photographer

How to Choose Your Zion National Park Photographer
HOW TO CHOOSE YOUR ZION NATIONAL PARK PHOTOGRAPHER top photographers utah sedona moab grand canyon

So you want to elope in Zion National Park?  Weddings in Zion are the most beautiful!  You will want to find someone who can capture all that beauty in the best way.  Here are 5 tips when choosing your Zion photographer.

1.  Choose someone who is familiar with the area

Zion is unlike any other place in its beauty and its cliffs.  The cliffs of Zion make timing portraits particularly tricky.   The sun sets really early in some spots, kind of early in others, and right on time at a few.  Knowing when you will be out of light is crucial to amazing photographs.  Just as a quick reference, one spot of the canyon will see the sun drop a full 3 hours before the actual sunset.  That is quite the difference! 

A photographer experienced with Zion will be able to walk you and/or your planner through planning your day for the best light.

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2.  Choose a photographer who reflects your personal style

There are a million ways to shoot a wedding day!  Each photographer has his or her own take on shooting and editing.  Style makes the biggest difference in your final images.  Do you want a bright, natural look?  Do you want a desaturated, moody feel?  Do you want everything more orange or more grey?  When looking through a photographer's portfolio, ask yourself how you want to feel when you look back?  Will you love your photos in 10 years? 

Choose a style that fits you and your soon-to-be forever.  

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3.  Plan for an extra session

When choosing your photographer, you may want to make sure they are available for an extra day in the days before or after the big day.  If you are choosing to get married outside the park, but you also want portraits in the park; keep in mind that it can take up to 2 hours to travel in, hike, take photos, and get back out and back to your guests.  Most couples don't necessarily want to leave their guests that long.  A simple solution is to plan another morning or evening for portraits around your date. 


You are travelling all the way to Zion, you will want to get those stunning Zion portraits without stressing about time.  


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4.  Check out travel fees

Does your photographer charge an extra fee to photograph in Zion National Park?  Many will, and those fees will effect your overall budget, especially if you want them to travel there for two sessions.  Photographers who specialize in Zion will often not have a special fee to shoot there, but make sure you inquire.

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5.  Pick someone you get along with

This advice applies to any wedding really, but especially if you are planning a small elopement, you will want a photographer with whom you get along!  They will become one of the family for the day!  So make sure you take the time to talk to them on the phone, ask them questions, and make sure they are someone you want to spend this important day with.  

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