How to Elope at the Grand Canyon | Step-by-Step Guide

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Planning to elope to the Grand Canyon?  We've got you covered!  In this article, we'll answer your questions like "How much does it cost?" "Where can I elope?" "Best time of day for photos?" and "Activities to do while at the Grand Canyon".  Thank you to Kelcee at Escape & Adventure for the submission...

How To Elope: Step By Step Guide

The Grand Canyon is located 4 – 6 hours North of Phoenix in Page, Arizona. In this beautiful national park, there are miles of breathtaking views of amazing vistas and the Colorado River. Each point offers a unique experience of colors and different shapes of the 5 – 6 million-year-old canyon slots. The Grand Canyon measures up to 270 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and a mile deep from the edge of where you can stand! This natural creation is one of the biggest canyons in the world!


1. How much does it cost?


The vehicle permit to enter the Grand Canyon is $35 (US Dollars) at the time this was published. If you are taking a motorcycle or entering by bus, foot, bicycle, etc. entrance fees do vary. If you hold the "America the Beautiful" annual pass you may enter for free with no additional fees!


If you are looking for information on how to elope at the Grand Canyon, a wedding permit is required to get married within the national park at one of their pre-approved locations.

For a list of approved locations and more information, click HERE. When planning your wedding in the Grand Canyon please keep in mind of a few very important details!


Note: No props, tables, flowers, amplified sound, balloons, drones, signs, etc. are allowed at any location.

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2. Accessibility & Privacy/Seclusion 


Many of the scenic viewpoints and facilities such as bathrooms and historic buildings at the Grand Canyon have rugged terrains that have rocky trails, narrow paths, and of course steep cliffs nearby. Shuttle Busses are available at the South and North Rim that are wheelchair accessible.

Tourist/crowd levels vary based on the time of year. Weekdays and avoiding holidays or weekends are a safer option to explore this amazing National Park to avoid large crowds.

Weather is also a factor on how many people are adventuring the Grand Canyon. When it is super cold, foggy, or raining oftentimes people run to their cars to avoid the bad weather. If you don’t mind a change in temperature or getting a little wet and carrying an umbrella this is also a good time to adventure.


If you are not wanting any bypassers to watch your ceremony I recommend hiking to a nearby flat ground where not many people adventure to. Some photo examples of nearby hikes are below!


I do not recommend hiking beyond the paved areas when it is foggy or slippery wet!

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Elopement Locations in Grand Canyon

3. Favorite Elopement Locations


As mentioned before, you are allowed to hold your wedding ceremony only at pre-approved locations. Some of my favorites on that list are:

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Lipan Point


This is the perfect location for watching the sunset and having a ceremony in front of some of the most beautiful views of The Grand Canyon and the Colorado River. If you are wanting to avoid tourists and a more intimate feel during your wedding day there is a private spot away from where everyone parks behind some trees.

If you are in wedding attire and exchanging vows or taking photos I have personally experienced some of the nicest people and they made sure to respect your privacy and space. But that may not be the case for every wedding.

From golden hour to seeing multiple peaks of the Canyon to green trees to sitting at the edge of the world this spot is one of my favorites.

How do you envision your wedding day at the Grand Canyon?

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This viewpoint is a perfect ceremony spot for those wanting to get away from tourists and is accessible to anyone who is handicapped. You are allowed to hike down the flat spot below the paved walkway to have a private ceremony and those who are not good with steep hikes can watch your ceremony from above!

Or if you are ok with bypassers and prefer to stay near the paved area there is still a beautiful view at the top. There is also a beautiful forest nearby you can walk around and take super cute photos in and still get stunning views of the Grand Canyon below.

This spot is perfect to get photos of the Colorado River in the background, privacy, and sunset photos.




Grandeur Point


Grandeur Point is 0.4 miles West of Yavapai Point parking lot. It is about a 5-10 minute walk from the parking lot to the lookout but once you get there the view is incredible! There is a tiny drop from the pavement to the flat area that you will need to be careful of if you are wearing heels. This location is another one of my favorites because you literally feel like you’re on the edge of the world!

Getting married or eloping in or around the Grand Canyon and need help with vendors?  Click here.




4. Best Time of Day to Get Married

I can answer this question in three words for you.. Sunrise or Sunset. Why? Any other time other than those two times the sun will be directly on your eyes. Lighting will be so harsh for you and your photographer – honestly, your photos just won’t turn out good.


Sunrise and Sunset the sun will be at an angle and your photographer can position you so the light is not direct. Plus, you get some super beautifully lit photos during golden hour and sunset!


Blue Hour

Where the sky is cotton candy blue & pink

When does this occur?

  • Before the sun comes out
  • After the sun fully sets 

Nothing like catching all of those gorgeous blue hour colors at the Grand Canyon.

Golden Hour

Where the light is gold and beautiful

When does this occur?

  • Right as the sun rises
  • The hour-ish prior to the sun going down

Everything the light touches just glows golden and perfect!


Looking for more examples of golden hour?  See this article below...

5. Activities to do at the Grand Canyon

There are lots of other activities you can experience during your adventure at the Grand Canyon besides driving to different viewpoints to look at different scenery.



Are you getting married or eloping?  Don't do anything until you've read this guide!



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