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How to Find the Right Elopement Vendors for You

How to Find the Right Elopement Vendors for You
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On any wedding day, your vendors are a big deal. They’re the ones who make sure everything runs smoothly so that you don’t have to worry about it, and they’re the ones who can give you advice throughout the planning process. But, when you’re eloping, your elopement vendors are especially important!

Some of them, like the photographer, planner, and videographer, stick around all day – and with little to no guest list, it’s extra important that you get along! But, aside from making sure your personalities click, your elopement vendors will also be your go to planning assistants, hype people, and adventure guides throughout the planning process. Elopements are amazing because there’s no rule book, and each one is different – but this can also make it difficult to know where to begin as you plan your day, especially if you don’t know anyone who’s eloped.


To make sure you find the right people, who you totally vibe with and who feel like you’ve been best friends forever, who help you plan a day that’s so unbelievably perfect and totally you, keep reading this guide for all my tips on how to find elopement vendors!

What Elopement Vendors Do I Need?

Before you start searching, it’s important to know what you’re actually looking for! There are no rules when it comes to elopements, so your needs will vary. Here’s a list of vendors that you may find yourself in need of.

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Finding Your Elopement Photographer

Not to toot my own horn, but we’re pretty important. Your ceremony may be small, and your wedding day may be untraditional, but all that means is that your day is even more meaningful! Your photos will capture all the love, laughs, adventures, happy tears, and memories of your day.

But, aside from taking the photos, a good elopement photographer will also act as your guide for the day. They’ll have all the secret, less traveled locations, know the ins and outs of getting a permit, and have the outdoor experience needed to keep you safe and ensure your day goes perfectly.

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Finding Your Elopement Planner

An elopement planner is an amazing addition to any elopement day. They’ll take a lot of pressure off of you, and will handle the logistics!

Finding Your Elopement Officiant

Sure, your uncle might be able to get ordained online, but a professional officiant can create a personalized ceremony that’s just the right balance of crying and laughing.

Finding Your Florist

Who doesn’t want a gorgeous bouquet to hold? Florals for your elopement will add so much to your photos, and to the vibe of the day!

Makeup & Hair Artist

A hair and makeup artist who specializes in elopements is vital for ensuring that you stay looking fresh all day, throughout all the adventures!


Other Vendors

Those are the basics, but a lot of couples like to get a custom wedding cake, maybe someone to play live music, and maybe a videographer! Depending on your needs and your budget, decide which vendors you’ll want for your day.

Deciding on Elopement Vendors

Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s talk about how to find them!

1. Staying in Your Budget

First, have a candid discussion with your partner about your budget. Talk about what’s important to you, what you can live without, and what you’re willing to spend on each part of your elopement day.

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2. Start Dreaming

Make a mood board, and let your imagination run wild! Think about what kind of photos you like – dark and moody? Light and airy? True-to-life colors? Look around and find some elopement inspiration, and this will make it a lot easier to search for vendors!

You can make a date night out of it – pop open some of that leftover champagne from when you got engaged, and talk about what you want out of your elopement day. Don’t be afraid to dream big!

3. Start Searching

If you’ve already decided on a general location for your elopement, start by researching that area – whether it’s as broad as a state or as specific as a park! I recommend starting by looking for a photographer, as they’ll usually have a list of recommendations ready to go for all your other vendors.

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You can Google elopement photographers in the area, or visit our ZB Vendors page for our top vendors – or whatever location you’re looking for, of course. One thing that pretty much all elopement vendors have in common is that they love to travel – so don’t be afraid to expand your search to nearby locations! Make sure to save any vendors who look promising, and send them an inquiry!

4. Schedule Phone Calls

After you’ve emailed back and forth with a few people, your list might narrow a little more. Now it’s time to talk to them beyond the computer screen. It’s important to schedule phone calls with any potential vendors, so that you can talk to them and get a feel for their personality, ask questions, and make sure you can see yourself spending your elopement day with them!

When you’re on the phone, ask any questions that you have about the elopement process, how they do things, and anything that will help you get to know them. It’s totally okay to chat with different vendors before you make a decision – just be upfront and let them know if you aren’t ready to commit, or let them know if you are!

5. Go With Your Gut

All right, you’ve had your phone calls, you’ve narrowed it down some more, and you’re ready to make a decision. This decision is a big one, but don’t freak yourself out! After you’ve narrowed down your list to two favorites, go with your gut on who to choose.

If there’s one person you just felt like you connected with better, or one person who really made you feel at ease about the process, don’t second guess it! Make the decision, let them know, and get on their calendar!

Hire an Experienced Elopement Photographer

Great elopement photographers are always there to help with the entire process – including recommendations for other amazing vendors! If you’re ready to start the process, check out our ZB Vendors page, including the photographer/author of the above article, Unleashed Elopements.

Sharlee, Destination Elopement Photographer of Unleashed Elopements

Sharlee, Destination Photographer of "Unleashed Elopements"

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