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10 Ways to Involve your Fiancé in the Wedding Planning!

BY EVENTFULLY, JACQUELINE: Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and if you're like me, you've been dreaming about it for...well, a while. If you're also like me, you might have a crazy Pinterest board with ALL your wedding planning ideas and you might even have a lot of it planned in your head.

Hold up though... a wedding means you're getting married to the love of your life, hence another person is involved. OH HEY. DIDN'T SEE YOU THERE! Oops. Have you been neglecting to involve your fiancé in the wedding planning? As a wedding planner, I see this all the time so I get it, sometimes it's hard! Maybe they're not the planning type, they 'don't care' or don't seem like they want to get involved but trust me there are super easy ways to involve them without stressing them out but still making them feel like this is their day too.

Here are some ways to get your fiancé involved in wedding planning that are SUPER easy!


1. Let him pick the engagement ring. I know, I know..... this sounds like a no brainer but when he/she is ready to propose, don't steal their thunder! This is a gift that you will cherish for the rest of your life. Won't it mean a million times more if you know that they picked it out for you? Don’t worry- you can still drop subtle hints to help them out and let them know what you like.




2. Wedding planning is probably even more overwhelming for them so don't let it consume your entire life. This will make them feel even less inclined to get involved and that's not how it should be. Set aside specific time to plan and make decisions and specific time to just be together. 

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3️. Let his friends have input. You’re likely asking your girlfriends for their opinions so let his friends (especially the married ones!) give their advice too! This will help keep the whole day well rounded and guy-friendly too!


4️. Involve his family! Don’t make him feel left out by only planning with your mom, sisters, and girlfriends. Y'all are likely a force of nature and especially if he doesn't know your friends/family SUPER well, the thought of voicing his opinion among your crew is probably intimidating. Make him feel welcome, comfortable, and involved in the process by also involving his people too!




5. Listen to him. If he's vocal enough to voice opinions and ideas, don't brush them off. Incorporate his ideas and priorities too because this is your big day, but it’s also his! HINT: If he tells you to hire a wedding coordinator, do it.

utah valley bride WEDDING PLANNER SOUTHERN UTAH ZION BRIDES elopement st george utah2 (5)


6. Let him have a special part of your wedding day. Let him choose the music or add his favorite game to the reception... find ways to let him express himself so that it's an unique expression of YOUR LOVE, not just you. 




7️. Give him responsibility. Let him take over an area of the planning whether it’s the music, hiring a certain vendor, or planning your honeymoon at Zion National Park! If he has a talent - use it!


8. Ask for his opinion but give him choices- not opened ended questions. Guys will do much better if you ask “which one do you like better?” rather than “what color should we do for the linens?”

groom utah valley bride WEDDING PLANNER SOUTHERN UTAH ZION BRIDES elopement st george utah2 (5)


9️. Follow the K.I.S.S method.. keep it simple, stupid! Men are practical and if you keep it simple, the wedding planning will be way more fun for both of you! 




10. Date nights! Laugh. Kiss. Appreciate. This should be a fun process but sometimes it becomes stressful and the true purpose of this day gets lost. Don’t sweat the small stuff and just enjoy this time together because at the end of the day, no matter what happens, you are still married to your best friend and that's the important part.


Vendors for Modern Stylized

Venue- Shangri-La Events Center

Event Coordination- Eventfully Jacqueline

Florals- Jocelyn's Floral

Caterer- Magleby's Catering

Cake- Cupcakes by Julie

Dress- Belltower Bridal

Jewelry- Forever Young Fine Jewelers

Rentals- Couch- Swoon Vintage Rental Co

Rentals- Chairs- Taylor Made Events

Stationery- Lisa at Shangri-La Events Center

Macaroons- Emma B Macarons

Cars- Shangri-La Events Center

Models- Brittney and Blake Ence

Photographers: Ashley & Justin Photography


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