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Planning a Zion National Park Honeymoon

Planning a Zion National Park Honeymoon
Planning a Zion National Park Honeymoon - Zion Brides Feature

Planning a Zion National Park Honeymoon: Your Go-To Tips for a Romantic Adventure

Your wedding day is the official beginning of the most exciting adventure of your life. Planning your wedding–and experiencing it side-by-side with your partner–is the ultimate expression of celebration for that adventure. But you know what you really need post-wedding to kick that adventure off the right way? An epic, romantic, never-stop-thinking-about-it honeymoon in Zion National Park. If you and your love are relentlessly chasing a honeymoon that’s filled with fun, jaw-dropping sights, and plenty of shared adventure, there’s really no place like Zion National Park.

In this article, we’re dishing some must-know info about planning a Zion National Park honeymoon. From what to do and how to pack to can’t-miss spots you have to explore together, this list has it all!

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Top Tips for Planning a Zion National Park Honeymoon


Planning a Zion National Park honeymoon might seem overwhelming at first. It’s one of the nation’s most visited national parks for a reason–there’s so much to see, so many excursions to try, and endless activities to consider.

Take it from me–a wedding planner located in Utah who’s helped tons of couples plan their Zion National Park weddings–a well-constructed plan is the perfect way to ensure your honeymoon is as romantic as it is exciting.

Here are my go-to tips for planning Zion honeymoons!


1. Plan Ahead

I might sound biased (being a wedding planner and all), but I truly believe that planning ahead is a must to get the absolute most out of Zion. Sure, there are some things in life you can go after on a wing-and-a-prayer, but I firmly believe a Zion honeymoon isn’t one of them.

Why? Zion is so stunning that it draws a crowd–some of the biggest crowds. You’ll need to plan your accommodations, permits, and activities well in advance because it’s such an in-demand destination.

The best time of year to visit? September through April are the greatest months to plan your honeymoon. The summer is beautiful but hot, with temperatures climbing up to 115. Those kinds of conditions can make hiking a no-go.

Plus, most of the crowds will flock to Zion over the summer. If you want a more secluded, intimate experience, hitting the park before the summer is a must.

Bookings get snatched up fast (especially Zion campsites!), so make sure you nail down a location and a reservation first. Sites fill up quickly, so grab yours when you’re ready.

2. Flexibility is best


Zion is beautiful–but it’s still rugged! Weather and trail conditions can change without much warning, so it’s important to have some backup plans for when the conditions aren’t cooperating.

The best way to enjoy Zion is to go with the flow. The hike you planned on isn’t open that day? Don’t sweat it–there are tons of other hikes to enjoy, restaurants to dine at, and sights to see. With a little flexibility, you can’t go wrong.


3. Embrace the Natural Beauty of Zion


Do you want to get the most out of your Zion honeymoon? Let yourself truly soak in the beauty of the landscape. Put your devices down, breathe in the Utah air, and let yourself embrace the wild wonder of this incredible area.

Zion is truly a one-of-a-kind place–there’s nowhere else in the world quite like it. People flock to Zion every year for an opportunity to gaze upon its stunning beauty. Embrace and enjoy every single minute of it, and let the romance of the scenery sweep you off your feet.


4. Safety First is a Must

To ensure your honeymoon goes smoothly, stay informed about what’s happening in the park. Check on the local regulations, be aware of what’s happening with the wildlife, and check in with the rangers about potential hazards.

5. Pack Light (But Efficiently!)

Versatile clothing is a must in Zion! You’ll want to pack flattering outfits, of course (to commemorate the trip in your best look), but make sure you’re packing for the environment. Layers are always good when hiking, as well as light, sweat-wicking clothing for outdoor activities. Don’t forget a pair of hiking boots (and waterproof boots if you plan to hike trails like The Narrows).

6. Honor the environment

Above all, respect Zion (and the planet!) by abiding by the seven Leave No Trace principles. Responsible outdoor ethics are a big part of minimizing your impact on this beautiful place.

Romantic Adventure Ideas for Your Zion National Park Honeymoon

Need a little inspo to create the perfect honeymoon itinerary? You asked, and I delivered.

As a wedding planner who’s helped couples create dreamy weddings in Zion for years, I’ve got a few can’t-miss romantic adventures up my sleeve!

Here are just a few of my must-consider activities for a honeymoon that’s as exciting as it is romantic.

1. Scenic Drives: There’s no place quite like Zion National Park for sights and scenery. Take long, leisurely drives together through the Utah landscape to see stunning rock formations and desert landscapes you can’t find anywhere else. Try Zion Canyon Scenic Drive or ZIon-Mount Carmel Highway for stunning viewpoints that are worth every stop.

2. Sunrise & Sunset Spots: There’s something about the desert in the soft light of a sunrise or sunset. Experience the magic at iconic locations like Canyon Overlook or Watchman Trail. Want to capture it all for keeps? Consider hiring a local photographer to take a few portraits of you both during these glorious hours.

3. Canyoneering: A must-consider for couples who love a thrilling adventure! Navigate slot canyons, rappel waterfalls, and swim through narrow passages with experienced guides by your side.

4. Private Guided Hikes: Want to embark on a crazy adventure with a pro by your side for safety? There are plenty of guided hikes you and your love can sign up for. You’ll get a private experience and professional guidance while you soak in the carefree beauty of the desert.

5. Virgin River Picnics: Want to sit and soak up the magic of your honeymoon? Picnic spots alongside the Virgin River abound. Pack up your delicious goodies and find an ideal spot in the sun or shade to embrace a quiet, one-of-a-kind day.

6. Stargazing: Zion is known for its famous dark skies. With so few cities around, there’s little light pollution. That means you’ll get crystal-clear views of the stars, constellations, and planets.

7. Couples Massage Appointments: Relax, indulge, and embrace a side-by-side massage at one of the nearby spa resorts or wellness centers.




What to Pack for Your Zion Honeymoon


You know what to plan for, what to see, and what adventures are a must for your honeymoon. The only thing left to decide? What in the world you should pack! Here’s my own go-to list for what to pack for your Zion National Park honeymoon trip.


1. Hiking Gear: Pack up your sturdiest boots, your go-to hiking backpack, water bottles, sunscreen, hats, glasses and your other must-haves for all your hiking adventures.

2. Layers: Versatile clothing is key for optimal comfort! Focus on layers for every outfit so you can adjust as the weather changes. I highly recommend quick-drying, moisture-wicking clothing, too. P.S. Don’t forget rain gear–we get plenty of that in Zion!

3. Navigation: Make sure you have GPS downloaded on your phone or devices. There are lots of spots in the park that won’t have service. A physical map, compass, and some sort of GPS device are also important for off-grid adventures.

4. Safety and Camping Gear: Whether you pack or rent the equipment, make sure your camping gear includes bear-proof food storage, plenty of water, a GPS device for hiking, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, portable stoves, cooking utensils, and more. (If camping isn’t your cup of tea, there are some great lodge and resort options in and around the park).

5. Fun Stuff: Don’t forget things to help you document and enjoy the trip! Binoculars, journals, cameras, hammocks, books, games, and other entertainment are musts for your relaxing downtime.

6. Meals: There are spots nearby to purchase food, but remember–due to the remote location of Zion, grocery items are limited. If there’s any specialty food you want to have while on your trip, you might want to pack it along with you. There are lots of delicious restaurants to try, too.




Must-Consider Locations & Adventures Near Zion National Park


Do you want to expand your trip beyond just Zion? Here’s something amazing about this location in Utah–you’re close to so many other incredible places that are well worth a little drive to explore.

Here are some must-see places near Zion (all great reasons to lengthen your honeymoon, by the way).

1. Bryce Canyon National Park: Another national park within striking distance of Zion? You better believe it. Bryce is another other-worldly park you simply won’t believe until you see it. Check out the unique hoodoos, hike the scenic trails, and stargaze in one of the darkest spots in the country.

2. Grand Staircase- Escalante National Monument: Hidden slot canyons, stunning views, remote desert landscape, and petroglyphs! This spot is the perfect place for offroad adventures and deeper desert exploration.

3. Kanab, Utah: They call Kanab the gateway to Zion for good reason. Kanab is the cutest little town, overflowing with nearby attractions. There are bakeries, restaurants, and shops to peruse while in town, but amazing attractions like Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, The Wave, and Buckskin Gulch are all within striking distance. 4. Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort: Luxury cabins and glamping tents abound! Enjoy fun activities like horseback riding, ziplining, and ATV tours in a secluded but stunning setting.




Let me guess–you’re convinced Zion is a must for your honeymoon, right? I don’t blame you. If you’re ready to plan your dream honeymoon (or wedding) in Zion National Park, wedding planners like me are here to help.

If an adventurous, dreamy, epic honeymoon is on your mind, Zion National Park should top your list.


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