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Three key reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

Three key reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer
Three key reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer | Kae D Photography Feature on Zion Brides

We love when we have a chance to chat with our vendors and preferred vendors about their best advice for couples looking to elope or have a wedding in the west and southwestern United States. Today we sat down with Kae of Kae D. Photography, who is an elopement and wedding photographer based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, to learn more about reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer. 

Here are three key takeaways for reasons why a couple should hire a professional photographer:


1. Capturing people and moments that matter

How would a good wedding photographer focus on capturing the people and moments on a wedding day? One of the best ways to find out what matters to a couple and their story, is simply to ask them! A wedding photographer captures moments and people that matter to a couple getting married because these images serve as tangible reminders of their special day. From the exchange of vows to candid interactions with family and friends, every image preserves the emotions and memories that define the significance of the occasion. These photographs will allow the couple to revisit and relive the moments of their wedding day for years to come.

Kae shared this about capturing the most important people and moments:

"Photography gives us the incredible privilege of being able to capture those special moments, to freeze them in time. The teary-eyed grandpa, the proud mama, the look in your eyes when you realize you're about to marry the love of your life. Anyone can take their phone out and take photos, but the real difference is the experience and quality. An iPhone isn't going to give you that timeless and dreamy feeling. Your wedding day is a story to be told, how do you want to feel when you look back on those photos in 20 years?"



2. A professional knows how to help couples feel comfortable in front of the camera

A photographer should help a couple feel comfortable in front of the camera to capture genuine and authentic moments. When couples feel at ease, they are more likely to express real emotions, resulting in more natural and compelling photographs. Building rapport and trust with the couple before the session, offering guidance and direction during the session, and maintaining a positive attitude all contribute to creating a comfortable atmosphere. Ultimately, when couples feel comfortable and confident, their personalities shine through in the photographs, and those typically become the ones they love the most. Another one of the reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer is related to comfortablilty.

Kae shared with us a few things that she does to help her couples specifically:

"I always ask my clients before our session, 'What can we do to make this session feel like a fun date?' I truly feel like building a relationship with a couple I'm working with makes all the difference, this way you don't feel pressured by the presence of the camera. That will allow you to be your truest and authentic self in front of me! I know it's easy to feel intimidated at the thought of making lovey eyes at your partner in front of others, so I tend to go towards prompts rather than just poses. Prompts that feel more like a game. For example, 'Squeeze your partner like they're going to pop!' and 'Dance like you will on your wedding day.'"

3. Being a couple's advocate

A professional photographer should act as a couple's advocate on their wedding day, ensuring that their needs, preferences, and desires are prioritized and respected. This role involves not only taking beautiful photos but also facilitating an enjoyable experience for the couple. Some of the roles that a photographer could play on the wedding day involve coordinating with other vendors to managing timelines and logistics. While doing this the photographer acts as a trusted ally, advocating for the couple's best interests every step of the way. By doing this the photographer helps alleviate stress and allows the couple to fully immerse themselves in the joy of the wedding day.

When we asked Kae, she shared a few things that she does on the wedding day to advocate and serve her couples:

"I'm more than just your Photographer, I'm your friend! I will always go the extra mile, if you need someone to boot Aunt Karen out of frame, I will be that person. If you need a drink of water in between the ceremony and reception, I will run to grab it. If you need a lip gloss touch up, let me grab the makeup bag. You deserve to feel the absolute best on your wedding day, I am here to help with that!

On a wedding day, I'm not just getting the photos of the flower girl coming down the aisle, the first dance, or the sparkler exit. I'm also capturing those moments that are often overlooked! Everyone loves a good first kiss photo, but you're not just getting the obvious photos of the wedding day with me. You're getting the candid and the little details of the day you worked so hard on planning."





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