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Skip This Wedding Pitfall and Hire a Good Videographer

Skip This Wedding Pitfall and Hire a Good Videographer
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Photos & Video by *Shades of Jade Films

Do you hire a videographer for a destination wedding?  Or do you just have everyone send their iPhone vids from behind Uncle Larry's head?  Hopefully, that idea helps you make the decision you won't regret-- hiring a good videographer for the wedding you've spent so much time preparing for and just letting guests enjoy the moment (not to mention those who couldn't make it being able to watch it from home)!  So here's how you can avoid a wedding pitfall and even feel like a pro when making the decision on who to choose for your wedding videographer.

Wedding videography, like photos, is one way to capture your destination wedding in a way nothing else can.  Many couples who find their inspiration in Zion Brides love seeing their special day captured forever.  They want to remember how their spouse spoke about them in their vows and the way their parents looked when they 'gave their little one away'.  A professional wedding video has a way of capturing all of that in a way photos just won't do.

We took a moment to interview one of the top videographers in the Southwest, Jade Hall from Shades of Jade Films, and asked for her best advice to couples on making sure that wedding video hits the mark and can be both an incredible memento as well as a way to share with friends and family back at home.  

To all readers meeting Jade for the first time, she's a Utah-based artist with years of experience who specializes in destination weddings in the Southwest (and an avid outdoor adventurer). She's a must-follow on Instagram for her ability to share stunning reels and inspo in every post.

How to Find the Perfect Videographer

#1. What would you say to a couple thinking about getting videography?

So much time, love, and energy goes into your wedding day. Money is spent, thoughts of the special day keep you up at night, and the milestone in your life and relationship is so important. It is true what they say - the day really will go by so fast. After everything is said and done, photos and a video are the only things you get back from the wedding day. And while photos are great to hang up on your wall, nothing - and I mean nothing - will put you right back into those special moments and let you relive your day like a video will.

The words that were shared, the small details, the look the love of your life gave you when they saw you for the first time that day. These are the moments that deserve to be documented and re-lived through a video. Every couple who hired a well-established videographer for their day always says they are so grateful they did. As a wedding videographer myself, I get told countless times from those who opted out of having a videographer always regret it. I am not joking when I say I hear this all the time from those who didn't hire one.

Your months of planning, your love story, and your wedding day or elopement deserve to have a video. I recommend searching for a videographer that does well with capturing and incorporating audio, has a timeless look to their color-grading, and is established in their business. Watch several films and discover the style you like. Always have a consultation call before booking a videographer, and work with someone who is as excited about your wedding day as you are!

#2. What's a common question you get from couples when they first inquire?

I often get asked if an elopement or 'more intimate wedding' needs a videographer. Why yes, it absolutely deserves a wedding film just as much as a large, traditional wedding does. Here are a few reasons.

1. When planning an intimate wedding or elopement, you are often not getting married locally. With it being both a smaller guest count and often requiring travel - many friends or loved ones will not be there on your day (whether they were invited or not).  Being able to share a video of your marriage with those who were not in attendance is such a treasure and is a way to include them.

2. A smaller sized wedding or an elopement is just as special and important as any other wedding day. Read that again! This is the day you are marrying the love of your life! The day is so very special. The words you share with each other are special. The looks and gestures you may miss are so important. Being able to relive these moments will become a priceless heirloom.

3. Because why not. With planning a smaller sized wedding or an elopement, you are probably cutting costs in a lot of areas. Simply not feeding 200 people is saving you thousands. You should totally splurge on epic photos and a video!

#3. What advice would you give to help couples feel more comfortable in front of the camera?

If you are hiring an experienced photographer and videographer, we totally know how to get you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. That is our job and we do it a lot! Trust your photo and video people! And if you are really nervous, maybe have a shot or two of tequila to loosen you up (wink wink).

#4. What are the 3 biggest reasons to make sure a couple includes video on the big day?

I can't express enough how valuable a videographer is. Here are my top 3, totally unbiased reasons.

1. Your day will go by so fast. You absolutely will miss stuff or forget a few priceless moments. A video will let you see and relive the day from an outward perspective.

2. People will say really nice things on your day. Words that are from the heart but aren't always spoken out loud. Whether it's during your ceremony and the officiant says awesome stuff about marriage, your spouse's heart-felt vows, or your best friend/parents' speech during the reception will become priceless. There will be no other day that your spouse will get up in front of your friends and family and express love and promises. There will be no other day that your bestie or beloved parent will speak in front of everyone and make loved ones laugh and cry on your behalf.

And finally, there will be no other day that you stand in front of the person you love so truly, and solidify your commitment through the act of marriage. The words that will be shared are priceless. And only a seasoned videographer with experience in audio-recording will be able to capture this in a timeless documentation.

3. Life is short! I filmed a wedding a few years ago where the bride's uncle passed away a few weeks after the wedding unexpectedly. Without knowing what had happened, I delivered a film with him smiling and laughing with his family. Dancing with his wife on their day, happy as can be. It brought their family so much joy seeing him like this in the wedding film. Their wedding package also included the raw footage. In the footage, there were countless shots of him with his family. They were truly so grateful to have these moments on high-quality video.

#5. What's something you think every couple should know about finding the right videographer?

The right videographer really comes down to the couple's desire in style and wishes. However, there are a few things I suggest looking for. As mentioned before, audio is so important. Hearing what is said on your day will become so priceless. I also suggest looking for a timeless editing style.

In 10 years from now, what will you want your film to look like? Does the videographer deliver high-definition films? Do you like the way they color their films? Are they someone you would want to have attend your wedding day? Do they capture big and small moments? Does their style of storytelling speak to you? When you watch the films on their website, does it make you feel something?

I believe these are all questions to ask yourself while searching for the right videographer. (PS. I reallllyyy strive to hit all these marks with the films I create for my couples!)

#6. What are 3 things that have helped you become a great videographer?

1. Experience.  I have years of experience and reviews to back up my work, I have invested in really high-quality equipment (including cameras, drone, and audio), and I have worked with hundreds of couples. But I also really care. While this is my job, it is also my passion. I wanted to work with awesome people in beautiful locations and create something people will cherish. I feel as if I have done just that in my work. I genuinely want to have happy customers as well as deliver something I am proud to share.

2. Style.  Over the years, I feel like I have discovered what my true style is-- meaning your film will not be an experiment for me. Let me elaborate! I want my couples to be able to look back and watch the best parts of their day. I want it to feel like a beautifully, well-intentioned documentation of not only the wedding day, but the couple's unique attributes and love. Every wedding day or elopement has a uniqueness to it.

Every couple will be a little different from the last, and I want those moments to come through in the film. My couples are attracted to my style because it's a little different from everyone else's but timeless enough you will want to rewatch it over and over for the years to come.

3. Audio.  I have worked really hard to achieve awesome audio. Let me tell you a little story! In 2022, I filmed an intimate wedding on a cliffside in Northern Ireland overlooking a castle. It was epic! I felt like I had peaked! However, it was sooo windy. Like, I thought we were going to be blown off the cliff. Because it was more of a rural elopement-style ceremony, there were no speakers or DJ system for me to plug into. I had to solely rely on my audio equipment and editing skills to achieve great audio. I was genuinely nervous

I would have to have the couple send me separate audio of the vows because it was that windy. However, the audio on their film came out so well. Which honestly, thank goodness because the emotion shared during the ceremony was truly un-recreatable. That moment deserved to be captured, and captured well.

Video below courtesy of Shades of Jade Films.

#7. Any other things couples might not be aware of when shopping for a videographer?

My advice is to watch several films from a videographer to get a sense of their style! I also highly encourage looking for a natural color-grading in videography. If the film is too highly edited, it may make the film look very dated several years from now. The best filmmakers in my opinion edit more naturally. You will know it when you see it. I also suggest always hopping on the phone with the videographer.

If there is a video of theirs you really like, let them know! We want to serve you best, and letting us know what you like or are drawn to in our work will help us deliver a film you love. I also want couples to know that seasoned videographers will require you to pick the music they can get music licenses to. Because of copyright laws, videographers are legally required to use music they can buy music licenses to. This means they may have you pick out music from a variety of websites. (To name a few: MusicBed, Artlist, SoundStribe, etc.).

If a videographer says you can pick any song you want, it isn't technically legal. Meaning your film could get taken down or erased from the site you use to watch the film. If they delivered the film through YouTube or Vimeo, and it gets taken down several years past your wedding - it could potentially be lost or become really hard to share. Worst case scenario is a music label could even potentially come after you or the videographer you hired.

It is genuinely not worth using music that isn't licensed for usage. My advice is to listen to your videographer and get the appropriate music licensing. If a videographer says it isn't important - I personally would steer clear. Being legal in business is always the best way to go.


Visit Jade Hall at Shades of Jade Films

Hopefully, this provided you with answers about finding just the right wedding videographer for you! We want to thank Jade for taking the time to answer our brides' most pressing questions about such a crucial vendor. If you want to learn more about her work at Shades of Jade Films, check out her link below.

Check out Shades of Jade Films

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