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What are sponsored posts? Sponsored posts are paid articles that feature a business and/or product.  Any and all submissions must adhere to the rules and guidelines of Zion Brides as documented below. 

If you'd like a sponsored post for your company or product to appear on Zion Brides, please ensure it meets the following criteria:

  • LEGALITY: If you'd like to have an article published on Zion Brides that contains a link to your website or product, it is considered by law to be advertising and must be marked as sponsored; the Author must either be the name of the company/original author or it will default to "Sponsored".  FTC regulations require that any paid posts indicate they have been sponsored, meaning by law your post must be marked as sponsored (which will appear as a disclosure at the bottom of the post).  

  • LENGTH REQUIREMENT: Any article being featured by Zion Brides must be a minimum of 1,000 words. Articles should match the tone and audience established by ZB. The editing team reserves the right to edit the article for tone, style, grammar, and formatting.  Should any edits be applied, the sponsor will have a final review before publication to either approve or offer additional changes.

  • HOW MUCH IS IT: $45 for each sponsored post following approval by the ZB Team.  All payments must be made in advance.  No posts will be published before payment.

  • ARE THERE DISCOUNTS:  Yes, repeat customers may be considered for a custom rate.

  • IMAGES: If you include any images with your submission, you must either have the rights or permission to publish all attached.  All images must also include the copyright information to ensure proper attribution is given.

  • DOES IT NEED TO BE ORIGINAL?  Content must be original work and belong to the company or submitter.  Posts should also be high quality and include reliable sources for any claims used.

  • NO FOLLOW LINKS: Each sponsored post will be allowed up to three "no-follow" links. All external links must be approved by the ZB Team.  No spam will be accepted.

  • HOW TO SUBMIT: Please send sponsored posts to submissions@zionbrides.com as a Word or Google Doc.  Be sure to include images with captions/attribution.  After approval, sponsors will be sent an invoice for payment.

  • BYLINED ARTICLES:  Please include a short bio of the author.  This may include a link to your own website, though any no-follow links will be counted towards the 3 maximum mentioned above.

  • NOTE: We reserve the right to accept or reject any sponsored posts, as well as the right to remove sponsored content should the product/service violate copyright or patent or the values/integrity of Zion Brides.
  • If you’d like to sponsor a post on Zion Brides, contact us via email at submissions@zionbrides.com. Please use the subject line: Zion Brides Sponsored Post.