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Wedding Photography: This Is Why You Hire a Professional

Wedding Photography: This Is Why You Hire a Professional
Lindsay Brunson Photography desert wedding tying the knot

While it may seem tempting to let your sister, cousin, or uncle be your wedding photographer on the big day, it can come with major setbacks (and since it's a one-time event, there's no undo button if the photos don't turn out as planned). Unless your friend/family member is a pro, we recommend these tips to ensure you cry HAPPY tears when you get those wedding photos back.

We've all heard from a bride who used a family member or best friend to save on their wedding photographer.  It's tempting to hire "Uncle Bill" who has an old camera that he's tinkered with in the past.  It's tough because we know he's just trying to help and truly means well, but usually, it ends with the bride saying "I wish I'd used a professional".  Once the day's over and her photos come back as... well, not how the bride envisioned them, she feels the need to warn future brides about using "Uncle Bill". 

We get that couples want to safeguard their budget, we really do!  We also know that you'll have some sweet, well-intentioned loved ones who will want to take your photos for you who are not very familiar with a camera or posing.  That's why it's always our best practice to give them a hug and say "thanks for the offer", but you're already set.

We took a moment to interview one of the top wedding photographers in the business, Lindsay Brunson of Lindsay Brunson Photography, and asked for her best advice to couples getting ready to tie the knot and making sure they have no regrets about their vendors.

To all readers meeting Lindsay for the first time, she's a passionate professional in the wedding field who specializes in helping couples feel comfortable in front of the lens and providing gasp-worthy shots on the day of delivery.  She's a must-follow on Instagram for some dreamy inspo.

Professional Photographer vs. Uncle Bill

#1. What are client's biggest regrets about not booking a professional photographer?

I know of a few people who have chosen a family member with an old camera and no experience to capture their wedding photos. Unfortunately, these photos almost never celebrate a couple's first day together as husband and wife, in a way that the couple envisioned and hoped for. Without proper posing, prompts, time management, and editing, and can I even say personality, photos are surely to end in, at the least unimpressive, and at the most, disaster!

There is a reason why photographers like myself spend countless hours in online courses, styled shoots, free sessions, internet research, countless weddings, and thousands of dollars in gear. And that is to be able to provide the talent and skill that only a professional photographer has earned.

Out of all the vendors out there you choose from for your wedding day, I believe a photographer is one of the most crucial choices you can make, and one you won't regret!

#2. Why is it important to hire a professional photographer

When it comes to your wedding day, one of the most important days in your whole life, hiring a professional wedding photographer is one of the best things you can do for not only the gallery that you will cherish for the rest of your life, because that's a given, but there are several other aspects to your day that your photographer plays a huge roll in, that not a lot of people think about when they hire their photographer.

I have played the part of the wedding planner, friend, taste tester, bouncer, seamstress, water boy, counselor, and many other random titles all while playing the role of photographer. I believe it takes a certain personality and skill set to bit just capture the day, but to be the couple's sidekick as they enjoy the best day of their lives.

#3. What are three of your most confident skills when it comes to photography?

1. Many photographers greatly underestimate the power and importance of posing. While posing a couple, it is critical to use prompts that make the couple feel safe, comfortable, and willing to share their personalities in order to produce the best photos possible.

2. Introducing yourself as a photographer and letting the clients become better accustomed to you through sharing personal experiences and preferences with other engagement or wedding shoots will better feed a comfortable, and most of all enjoyable experience for both the bride and groom.

3. I see many beginning photographers struggle to find a personal style that best fits their creative vision. As I have developed my business I am able to reach clients looking for a light, airy, and natural editing style through a lot of study and hard work.

Hopefully, this has been super helpful in answering your questions about finding a great wedding photographer and not relying on sweet Uncle Bill when you're tying the knot.  We know he means well, but we also know you only want to cry happy tears when the gallery comes back.  Congratulations on your engagement and we wish you the best with the love of your life!

Wanting to see more about Lindsay's services?  Check out our link below!

Learn More About Lindsay Brunson Photography

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