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top boudoir faqs


It's common to have questions going into your first boudoir. In this post, professional boudoir photographer, Daysy Teixeria, aims to answer some of your most common FAQ's...

#1. I have no idea how to pose, will you guide me?

I will absolutely tell you how to pose, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes. I will guide you on how to work your angles and I will do most of the poses first before you. All you have to do is show up and have fun!

#2. I want to book a photoshoot, but I am so nervous, and I lack confidence.

It is normal to be nervous! This is a huge step out of most women’s comfort zone… and that’s why you should do it! This is something for you, and you will have a great time and when you see your gorgeous images, it will totally be worth it.

Also, the confidence comes from after the photo shoot, when you go through the process and see your beautiful images and realize you are too, a gorgeous bombshell! So why postpone something so great?

#3. Is it OK if I don’t want my images to be shared online?

I completely respect everyone’s wishes! Your images will only be published if you allow us to. We require everyone to sign a model release contract to tell us what you allow us to do with your images. From what I have seen in the studio, that incredibly 99% of the ladies allow us to share their images after they see them. But the ones who don’t, we respect and never share.

#4. How many outfits do I need to bring for the shoot? Do you help with outfit choices?

Outfit shopping means fun! We want you to enjoy this process from the comfort of your home. You will receive our very easy and detailed prep guide that will help you during this process, but I am here for you, just a call or text away. We suggest between 3 to 4 outfits because we want you to have variety in your gallery.

Make sure to try on every single piece, that will help you to feel confident about your choices and walk into your shoot with the outfits you absolutely love!

#5. Do I have to bear it all? Is lingerie the only option?

Not really! People have different visions as to how they feel confident. You can absolutely rock on a cozy sweater or even on white sheets. But again, we want to show variety so it’s important to pair your decisions with other outfit styles, like body suits or a beautiful fitted dress.

#6. I don’t wear makeup frequently. Do you offer hair and makeup?

Yes! All you need to do is show up and let us pamper you! Not wanting to brag, but our makeup artist is really good at getting a super natural look or a gorgeous glam look. The makeup we do in the studio is not only for you but also for the camera.

Our professional makeup artist is very experienced with our style and that’s so important for the final result and overall quality of the images we create together. But I always like to mention that makeup is not to change who you are, but to enhance what you already have naturally that is so beautiful. You will love it!

#7. I don’t have someone to gift these images to. Would that be weird to do it for me?

As far as my studio’s clients, when asked what is the reason they want to do a boudoir photoshoot, 80% of the ladies answer they are doing this for themselves. The remaining 20% answer they come wanting to gift a partner, but honestly, during the process, they find out it’s also for themselves after all.

So answering this question, the first person to be a reason to give such a meaningful gift should always be yourself. After that, of course, deciding to gift it to a significant other as well would be so meaningful that it would brighten up their day, and deepen the relationship into levels of confidence and romantic love. So this truly can be a double gift.

#8. What can I do with my images? What do most women do?

At my studio, we have a wide range of options for displaying your images. From albums to wall art to fun little gadgets such as retro viewfinders, phone apps, and more! Every person is different, but most women like to take an album home to display their beautiful images and use it as a reminder of their amazing day.

#9. What is boudoir? Why do people do this?

The quick answer would be to say Boudoir is a Victoria’s Secret-style photoshoot for the everyday woman. But after photographing hundreds of women, my vision has changed. Boudoir comes from the French and signifies “bedroom” where women used to be photographed in the intimacy of their bedroom space.

Nowadays though, boudoir has a more amplified meaning. Not only for the location that can vary to many different sets, styles, and approaches but for the empowerment message it shares. My vision of boudoir is that women are spiritual beings, and this is an opportunity to connect themselves with their inner goddesses. This is way more than a photoshoot to capture gorgeous images of you, it’s an experience of self-love expression, to connect body and soul!

#10. What is the difference between boudoir and glamour?

Nothing else than the amount of clothes you will wear. Glamour is more about the dresses. Boudoir is more about showing your beautiful curves. Both are about creating faltering and feminine portraits of a woman.

#11. I don’t have to body for this. I need to lose a few pounds before I can even think of a photoshoot like that…

No, you do not need to lose a few pounds to do this. Same thing as you don’t need to postpone wearing shorts on summer, going to the beach and wearing a bikini, eating that yummy piece of cake, or doing a boudoir photoshoot will do nothing for you. Life it to be lived today. The whole reason you want to do this is to help you see the beautiful woman that you are already NOW.

You can absolutely do a boudoir photoshoot today, your curves are what make you unique and beautiful, and trust me, every woman, no matter weight, shape, experience… all of us have rolls, stretch marks, scars, body hair....

You are absolutely gorgeous, girl! Stop comparing yourself to anyone else, and start to focus on the amazing woman you see in front of the mirror. A boudoir photoshoot is going to help you see that, you are too, a Bombshell!

#12. I have scars, can you photoshop them?

Photoshop can do pretty much everything these days. However, you must ask yourself “why”. The whole reason to do a boudoir photoshoot is really about embracing and loving who you are. I want you to recognize yourself when you see your beautiful pictures, scars and all. With that being said, they can be removed. Or they can be left to tell your story. Regardless, as an artist, I will make sure your images look perfect for display!

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Please feel free to reach out at DaysyPhotography@gmail.com with any questions or concerns. My phone number is (240) 641-1777.  Visit me at www.BoudoirByDaysy.com
Instagram/Facebook: @boudoirbydaysy and hashtags #boudoirbydaysy #daysyphotography

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