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Top 5 Tips on How to Select the Right Wedding Videographer For You

Top 5 Tips on How to Select the Right Wedding Videographer For You
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Along with an awesome planner and wedding photographer, a videographer is one of your vendors you don't want to wait long to book!  In today's social media atmosphere, photos and videos are something we love to see and share with those we care about! You'll want a video that's perfect for both of you to watch in the coming years, as well as something visual to share with attendees and those who couldn't be present.  Here are our best tips to help you select the right wedding videographer! Want an awesome list of people who check these boxes below?  See our videographer vendor list


1. Get to Know Their Personalities

It's always a value-add to do a Zoom call...

Whether it's over Zoom, phone call, or even meeting in person, you'll want to get to know how they'll gel with you and your S.O. (as well as other vendors).  Videographers will often work closely with your photographer(s), so it's a great idea to ask yourself, "Will they work well together?"


Most videographers are happy to meet with you because they want to make sure it's a good fit all around.  Do they catch the vision of your big day?   Does the vendor's style coalesce with your photographer's (are they both journalistic?  More posed?), etc.  Getting to know your videographer is always worth the time! 


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2. Find a Style You're Obsessed With

We know you've come across several dozen amazing videographers in your search. You've probably seen a number of styles that you've fallen in love with. But which one are you obsessed with? This means when you're on Instagram or Pinterest, you can't help but smile or gasp when you see this specific kind of style. You find you like the video before you even know who filmed it. Want to know some styles? Here are some very popular choices...


Videographers all shoot and edit their final videos a bit differently. Some opt for more slow-motion, some for a more dramatic look, some keep it happy and light, and some include drone shots where possible.  Just look for a style that fits your vision, whatever it may be! 

Unlike photos, video can capture things like your vows, toasts and speeches!  So be sure to select the right wedding videographer who include microphone equipment so you can remember some of the most precious and important parts of your wedding experience in a way photos can't (something you'll definitely want as the years go on)!




3. Use the Referral Method


Your Planner or Photographer may have recommendations...

Odds are your planner or photographer has worked with a number of videographers in the past.  In that time, no doubt they have some great options to select from.  However, you may also find they're still in the hunt for some great videographers who can gel with the process.  No worries, we have a list of amazing videographers that other brides have recommended (and serve the Southern Utah, Sedona, Moab area as well).


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You don't want to wait too long to select the right wedding videographer.  Many of them fill up fast, so it's not a bad idea for you to throw in these questions after you've officially booked your planner/photographer.


Questions to ask

  • •"Do you have any recommendations for videographers that have a style similar to yours?"
  • •"Who's been a favorite videographer you've worked with?"


That way you know you'll get a similar style in both photo and video; not to mention, having a synergistic team of vendor list is always ideal.


In some cases, you can even find husband & wife video/photographer teams, like several on this list.



Photo by ShutterFreek

Photo by *ShutterFreek | See videography here

4. Read Reviews



Read their reviews carefully. Reviews will be your best friend! See what other brides have to say about your videographer candidate. Those brides went through the whole process, so their opinions mean a lot! Even more valuable is if someone close to you worked with them before. They'll give you advice you can trust!


Pay attention to how the former clients review their videographer. Simple 5-star reviews are good, but do they gush over their experience? Again, because this person will be rubbing elbows with everyone, you want someone who will make everyone feel comfortable and fantastic!


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Photo by *Forevermore Films, see videography here

5. Go for 'Experience': Tenured & Customer-centric

There is no substitute for experience...

Anything can happen on a wedding day.  We hope it all goes to plan, but whether you're eloping with an intimate party or going all out with a large wedding gathering, it's always a possibility you'll have a 'hiccup'.  If and when that happens, you'll want someone who can handle unexpected moments and still capture them like a pro. 

Capturing a tear during vows, does your videographer notice those moments?  You're in the middle of "just-married" portraits, does your videographer do a great job linking arms with the photographer to catch those fun and genuine smiles?  Just let them know what's important to you and many fantastic videographers will be happy to keep an eye out for you!

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Photo by *Tanner Castro Films | see videography here

Selecting the wrong videographer is never ideal.  Be sure to do your homework and check off the 5 steps above, because we all feel it when brides say this after the big day is over...

•"My videographer was brand new and missed several key moments"

  • •"It's been almost a year (or longer). I still haven't gotten my wedding video."
  • •"We had to repeat everything because the videographer had me do the same stuff as the photographer just moments before (a few times is okay, but this was everything)."
  • •"My videographer showed up late (or not at all)..."


In all fairness, when you ask professionals in the industry if they feel the extra money is worth it, you'd get a predictable answer.  But consider this: there is no undo button if an inexperienced videographer misses a key moment (or worse, runs out of memory too soon and misses things like your dance or exit).  Experience always wins out (we get it, everyone starts somewhere and that's okay!  We just always recommend they shadow first before going solo).  

Videographers, like photographers, will spend a good portion of your wedding day with you. Save yourself the regrets and select someone who fits your vision.


Because when it's all over and you see your video in your inbox, you want to be excited!  And there's nothing like seeing yourself snuggled up with your S.O. in a year or two, cuddled around an iPad or TV and watching this special video of one of the most important days of your life. 


Did you enjoy this article?  See more just like this in our free guide below!


If you have always dreamed to become a wedding videographer, you can always find vacancies on Jooble.

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