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of Wild Couples

While we focus on the Southern Utah area,
brides and planners across the West message us saying how much they loved using this marketplace for inspiration and resources. 
You want them to see your name!

Our visitors to Zion Brides come from all over, including New York, Chicago, Toronto, Seattle, L.A., London and more!  We love serving as a hub and inspiration to our wild couples.

Get focused attention in the area that's quickly becoming one of the most desirable and high-end Wedding & Elopement Destinations in the U.S.!  With gorgeous venues (both inside and out), brides need incredible vendors like you to bring their big day to life.

We're currently on pace to reach roughly 30k visitors to ZB this year! 
We want them to find you!

Zion Brides is the top growing resource for brides getting married
around Southern Utah and beyond!

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We make it simple

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3. Be advertised

We keep it simple: you appear in social media, our Vendor list, the blog-- wherever your business can best be served!  Contact us if you're still unsure, we're here to help!

The nicest part is we do the heavy lifting for you.  It's already a lot to ask brides to review you numerous places-- if you give us a source, we can bring in 8 of them to get you started!  No work on your side! 

We build your page (which you can edit later), feature your work in posts (you can still submit your own), and link any of your original ZB content back to your profile so brides can really get to know you!

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We want talent

We love featuring great businesses!  If you want a special rate for your advertising, just submit a post to us.  If accepted, we'll include a code when you sign up!

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