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About us...

ZION BRIDES prides itself on being the ultimate trusted resource for couples having their destination wedding in the Southwestern United States, featuring places like Moab, Zion, Grand Canyon, Big Sur, and Sedona. Since 2018 we've grown exponentially year over year and continue to reach more couples daily.

Advertising with us offers the chance to appeal to couples tying the knot in one of the most beautiful areas in the country. Clients who love Zion Brides may be described as 'best friends in love', 'adventurous', and 'couples who want a beautiful wedding set in grand scenery'.

Our brides and grooms love things like Patagonia, dogs, movies, and picnics in the park (and are often Harry Potter fans, too).  

Areas We Feature

We mostly feature locations in the Southwest, such as Moab, Zion National Park, Sedona, Grand Canyon, and Big Sur.  Other locations nearby are always welcome.  Our audience is widely destination couples who find us from around the country.  States that appear most often on Zion Brides are Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and California.  

About our Social Media

Our collective Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest reach over 450,000 accounts a year.  

About our Website

We rank among the top searches for numerous wedding keywords around Zion and other key areas, averaging over 70,000 page views a year on our website.  Our media kit includes several ways to put your business in view of ideal clients.

Zion Brides Vendor Collective 2024

Zion Brides Vendors

When we see passionate businesses that focus on customer experience and a phenomenal product/service, we like to invite them to become a vendor with ZB to serve our couples.  We look for positive, professional wedding vendors that want to appear on our blog, guides, social media, and throughout our site.

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Perfect for businesses wanting regular exposure on Zion Brides, both on our website and through social media. Our vendors serve couples envisioning their perfect Southwestern destination weddings. We welcome planners, photographers, venues, videographers, cake artists, floral designers, DJs, bridal shops, officiants, and more. Any passionate businesses with over a year of experience benefit from this option.  Once you receive our media kit via email, let us know if a certain package catches your eye and we'll set up your storefront.