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We Asked Our Zion Brides 17 Questions About Themselves…

We polled our thousands of followers on Instagram and asked a few questions over 2019 to see what kind of brides came our way.  We're so lucky to have some of the best brides out there--  that's why we asked a few fun, personal questions (including franchises they love, what they would miss on a stranded island, and who's the snuggler in the relationship).  Here are their answers...

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(As of November 2019)




  • 13-17 --2%
  • 18-24 --------------- 24%
  • 25-34 ---------------------------------45%
  • 35-44 -------------18%
  • 45-54 -----7%
  • 55-64 --3%
  • 65+    -1%









1. How Would You Describe Yourself?

A) Love Being With People (52%)
B) Kind of a Hermit (48%)

Summary: Based on the amount of DM's on the side, seemed like most brides felt this was too hard to pick and either way they chose, it felt like a lie.  The struggle is real.



2. Scale of 1 to 10 How Much of a Morning Person Are You?

Avg Answer: 4

--Follow Up Question: That Said, Between the Two of You, Who's the Morning Person in the Relationship?

  • A) Spouse (38%)
  • B) Me, pretty much up with the sun (62%)

Summary: Being a morning person is having your phone out of bed's reach with a noisy but not totally obnoxious alarm, and for some reason we let ourselves be the first out of bed.  Go, fight, (yawn) win...



snow canyon southern utah valley bride WEDDING PLANNER SOUTHERN UTAH ZION BRIDES elopement st george utah2


3. If You Got Stranded on an Island, What Would Be Hardest on You?

  • A) Having to Survive... Period (64%)
  • B) No Wi-fi (36%)

--Follow Up Question: Which would cause bigger withdrawals?

  • A) No Social Media (43%)
  • B) No Fast Food (57%)

Summary: Survival would rightly kick most of our butts (island's are no joke... right Wilson?), but the biggest hang-ups might come when we remember we might never eat animal fries ever again





4. If You Had to Pick, What Would You Give Up First?

  • A) TV (56%)
  • B) Sugar (44%)

Summary: That's right, the boob tube kicked to the curb over my two week old Halloween candy... ah, but they go so well together!





5. What's Your Favorite Way to Spend a Lazy Saturday?

  • A) Rainy Day and Netflix (43%)
  • B) Sunny by the Pool (57%)

Summary: Again, that TV can wait, we got some new 'hope it fits' swimwear from Amazon to show off!





6. Which Type of Person Are You?

  • A) Cats (22%)
  • B) Dogs (78%)

Summary: Cats have their moments and all, but... it's Dogs that take home the accolades.  That's why we can't get enough of those vids where celebs answer questions while playing with puppies!  





7. Which Do You Pick at 4th of July Get-Togethers?

  • A) Hamburgers (65%)
  • B) Hot Dogs (35%)

Summary: Polled during our July days, hamburgers got the loudest shouts-- as they should.  This would have been an even bigger slaughter had we said 'cheeseburgers'.



downton abbey utah valley bride WEDDING PLANNER SOUTHERN UTAH ZION BRIDES elopement st george utah1 (1)



8. On Independence Day, Which Would You Rather Watch?

  • A) Independence Day-- 1998 (44%)
  • B) National Treasure-- 2004 (56%)

Summary: Gunna' be honest, neither is a super amazing movie (hold the tomatoes, please), but Nic Cage stealing the Declaration of Independence does seem more fun than more space aliens... though ID4 does have Jeff Goldbum (hmmm, this seemed simpler a moment ago).





9. Who Controls the Remote in the Relationship?

  • A) ME!  (65%)
  • B) My S.O. (35%)

Summary: We like a little control and we don't apologize for it, especially during "The Bachelor" (join the crazy train or park somewhere else).





10. Which Series Are you a Bigger Fan of?

  • A) Harry Potter  (76%)
  • B) Lord of the Rings (24%)

Summary: The brides have spoken-- it's the Boy Who Lived over the Shirelings by a long shot, Snitches! 





11. If "The Office" or "Friends" Disappeared forever (Looking at You, Netflix), Which Would You Be Most Sad About?

  • A) The Office  (56%)
  • B) Friends (44%)

Summary: As close as it was, Michael Scott and company really are our soup snakes... and lobster...  Let's face it, still kind of a Sophie's Choice thing here.





12. Which Cinematic Universe is Your Jam?

  • A) DC  (17%)
  • B) Marvel (83%)

Summary: So.... not even kind of close.  But then again this was before Jason Mamoa was Aquaman and Chris Hemsworth lost the abs (yes, we get the sad Thor arc and all, but can we sort of ceremoniously skip ahead to when he overcomes all his loss, regains a sense of grand purpose and fortitude, and kinda lightning blasts himself back to the ol' rock hard god body?  Is that too insensitive?  Do we judge ourselves a little for thinking it but still kind of overlook it for the greater good?  Did I lose my focus somewhere?  Yes, yes to all. 





13. Favorite Kind of Evening?

  • A) Night in with a Movie  (66%)
  • B) Going Out to Dinner (34%)

Summary: Watching "Thor: Ragnarok" for the 50th time-- okay, I'm done.





14. All You "Friends" Fans, Who's More Likely to "pull a Chandler" During Pictures? (ie. a Funny Face/Fake Smile)

  • A) Me, For Sure  (46%)
  • B) Definitely the S.O. (54%)

Summary: It appears neither one of us is totally innocent here, but for real, just one normal non-hostage level smile for my screensaver PLEASE.





15. Meeting New People Can Be Hard... Who's More Likely to Say Something Awkward on a First Meeting?

  • A) Ummmm... Me  (65%)
  • B) My S.O., Hands Down (35%)

Summary: No judgement here, meeting new people is hard.  That's why you bring backup-- thanks for the save, honey, keep up the good work-- tonight you may get your turn with the remote.





16. Harry Potter Fans, Who Do You Feel You Relate to Most?

  • A) Ron Weasely-- ie. a little flaky, have a temper, but always there in a pinch!  (29%)
  • B) Hermione Grander-- ie. keen, responsible, and completely in love with books (71%)

Summary: It's more than just her being a girl.  It's because we're living in a golden age of New York Times' bestsellers, people!





17. Who's the Bigger Snuggler in the Morning?

  • A) Me-- not even sorry (48%)
  • B) My S.O. (52%)

​Summary: Really comes down to how we're feeling in the morning, but overall we're usually getting snuggled.  While overall we're up before the spouse, it's probably the S.O. trying to get us to ditch morning plans and climb back into bed... and odds are they'll win.





What did you think?  Do you agree with our brides?  Want to be part of the next poll?  Follow us on Instagram @zionbrides and watch for us on stories!

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