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What Are the Duties of the Best Man? | Free Checklist Included

What Are the Duties of the Best Man? | Free Checklist Included
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Okay, the groom asked you to be his best man.  What are you supposed to do now?  Your duties largely come in the form of being a great wingman to the groom himself-- but you have some other key responsibilities that will be valuable before and during the big day.  In many cases, you may work in lock step with the Maid of Honor to make the wedding day one to remember.  Below is a list of things to know, as well as a free checklist just for you to download to make your life a little easier!


1. Be the wingman to your groom

Much like Goose to Maverick on “Top Gun”, you're the assistant in making sure the groom gets the items, clothes, and anything else wedding related (including himself) to the wedding.  This means finding the right ties, tuxes, shoes-- whatever is needed.  The groom will value your support and for you to be on time for each appointment on the docket.  This is a great support role and one that can truly help make the bride and groom's big day a little less stressful.

2. Select Suits for the Big Day

Depending on how involved the groom wants to be, you'll still likely play a notable role in helping select the right suits, both for the groom and your fellow groomsmen.  Colors are usually already decided; you just need to find a way to match them.  Luckily with today's local and online resources, you should be good to go on selecting the right shade for things like ties, pocket squares, etc.  

Regarding socks-- yes, we've had MANY weddings where socks have included either something personal about the groom and his groomsmen or even just a fun, personal touch.

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3. Plan the Bachelor Party

A time-honored tradition dating back as far as the Spartans (possibly earlier), planning a Bachelor party falls on the best man.  This means planning activities, a venue or locale, and food.  Depending on how big or small you're looking for the party to be, this may be an event held in your home or a home of groomsmen-- OR it may be as big as a road trip/flight to another place entirely. 

In any case, this is an opportunity for the 'man group' to spend one last outing as a crew with the groom before his life takes an important step.  Can you ask a groomsman to help?  Absolutely!  In fact, you may find it essential to recruit the rest of the posse to pull off an epic bash for the man of the hour.

Want ideas for Bachelor parties?  If the wedding is taking place in Southern Utah, you can always go to an indoor golf driving range like The Back Nine for an hour or so (other locations are available here).  You can also check out some other bachelor party ideas here.

Consider setting up a Hangover IV infusion to take care of the symptoms as they do in Vegas. Not a bad idea for the "wedding day-after", either.  Be a hero to the team and look at this option to keep the party happy.

4. Assist Maid of Honor

Including with transportation of the wedding party.  Whether it's getting them on the plane to fly to the destination wedding/elopement or driving to a nearby venue, you and the Maid of Honor will handle the needed mode of transport in getting folks like the main couple, bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and yourselves to the event.

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5. Keep Track of the Wedding Rings

This is a big one for the best man.  The rings will be entrusted to your care.  Nothing more to be said than making sure these ALWAYS stay somewhere safe.  There's some comfort in knowing very few rings have ever gone missing before a wedding; just make sure you know exactly where they are at all times.

Here's one way to keep them safe.

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6. Prepare a Speech

Odds are you'll be asked to give a speech at the wedding during Toasts.  Our best advice is to keep it relatively short (3-4 minutes is perfect), and most importantly-- keep any embarrassing remarks to a minimum level.  It's not a bad idea to vet out any comment you feel would be cringe-worthy to parents.  That being said, keep it personal by including any special stories the couple would appreciate (funny, interesting, sweet, humorous) and include both your support and loving tribute to the happy couple.

Want these steps as a printout checklist?  We've got you covered.  Just click the image below.

As a note, being the best man means you'll be widely in charge of the groomsmen and helping them fulfill their responsibilities.  Here's a quick list of what they should help with on and near the wedding day.


• Assist Best Man as needed

• Help usher guests to their seats before the ceremony

• Be the first on the dance floor when it's time to party

• Transport gifts to a secure place once the wedding's over

• Offer transport to guests before and after the event

• Smile and pose for photos-- these photos come in handy in special moments even after the wedding, so do your best to cooperate with the photographer's directions

• Show up on time

Congratulations on being an important part of your groom's day.  Remember to use your checklist and help the other groomsmen make this day one to remember.  The groom selected you for a reason and you're going to rock it!

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