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Why Golden Hour Makes a Difference | ZB Inspo

Why Golden Hour Makes a Difference | ZB Inspo

Photos Courtesy of Kirsten Lewis Photography

We've often heard photographers mention why Golden Hour is so vital.  Why do photographers insist on shooting at this time rather than at a convenient time during the afternoon?  And for some-- what and when is Golden Hour?  We'll answer all those questions below...  

What + When Is Golden Hour?

Golden Hour is that glowy time that happens shortly after the sun slips near the horizon, as well as the brief time after when everything has a soft and 'golden' backlit halo.  It's also a time when fields, landscapes, and of course your subject(s) light up with an incredible vibrance of evening color.  Skin tones are often perfect and the backlighting is at its best.  

To hit this time in a session, you'll want to schedule to meet with your client(s) at least an hour or so before sunset (more if hiking is required).  

This time is so critical because, unless you are fortunate enough to have open shade with clouds, the rest of the day is virtually harsh sun and casts unflattering shadows on your subjects.

Golden Hour Session

When we received this gallery from Kirsten Lewis, our first thought was "This is an amazing example of Golden Hour at its finest".  Not only did she manage to capture the love between this beautiful couple, but she also rocked it with lighting and color with the brilliant use of Golden Hour photography.

We also wanted to share her quote about her adventure couple and how this came together...

Marissa and Kris love hiking and exploring so the location they chose for their engagement session was a beautiful spot off the highway that overlooks Morro Bay and Cayucos beaches. It has rolling hills that drew in the golden sunset creating a romantic golden session.
- Kirsten Lewis
Klazura_Kleinsmith_Kirsten Lewis Photography_Marissa-Klazura-Kris-Hwy-46-Overlook-Paso-Robles-CA-Engagement-Session-19_low
Klazura_Kleinsmith_Kirsten Lewis Photography_Marissa-Klazura-Kris-Hwy-46-Overlook-Paso-Robles-CA-Engagement-Session-13-2_low



Photographer: Kirsten Lewis Photography

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