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Why You Need a Wedding Planner for Design

Why You Need a Wedding Planner for Design
Wedding planner behind the scenes | Why You Need a Wedding Planner for Design | Irene and Co | Zion Brides Feature

Written by Irene + Co.

Photos by Mateusz Jagiełło

Why You Need a Wedding Planner For Design

As a wedding planner who’s seen the ins and outs of the industry for over a decade, I’ve learned that being a planner means more than just constructing the vision of a dream wedding day. In this article, you'll learn why you need a wedding planner for design.

The magic of a successful wedding day may feel like it comes from a dream sparking to life. But what any planner worth their salt will tell you is that the real deal of a great wedding is all about the details, the logistics, and how they’re organized.

Skilled wedding planners aren’t just vendors; they’re resources–ones that act as the bridge between your vision of a perfect wedding and the logistics that ensure you get there.

If your goal is to create a day that harmonizes seamlessly for an unforgettable wedding you wish you could relive, the answer lies in finding the right wedding planner to help you make that happen.

Discover in this article the why behind hiring wedding planners, what they bring to the table, and how they can bring your vision of the perfect wedding day to life.


1. How Wedding Planners Tackle the Design & Logistics of Your Wedding Day


Wedding planners are meant to be detail-oriented, good at the nitty-gritty, and incredible at tying together all the logistics with a neat little bow.

But how does that happen in the first place, and how do planners even begin the process of bringing your dream day to life?

It all starts with understanding your hopes, your dreams, and your goals for your wedding day.

Wedding planners see your day differently than you might. To you, your wedding day is meant to be the greatest, dreamiest day of your life–a moment you can look back on in your heart as pure magic. But to wedding planners, your wedding day isn’t necessarily that.

To us, it’s a puzzle–a detailed process that’s all about a carefully planned, uniquely designed, and flawlessly curated day that unfolds by our design of the expertly-coordinated details.

The real detail that sets next-level wedding planners apart from the herd is their meticulous attention to detail, their understanding of even the most minute logistics, and a greater grasp on how all of these little pieces form the larger, dreamier picture of your wedding day.

Wedding planners look at tangible things, like table settings, and see something more–a captivating charger, an exquisite dinner plate, a luxurious napkin. They don’t just think about how these things look; they think about how they function in the grander scheme of things. What plate works best for the dish you’ll be serving? How soon after a dish is finished should a plate be cleared for a second course? What’s the backup plan for a misplaced napkin?

Seemingly minor details can be easily overlooked without a planner. But with an organizer at the helm, small–but vital–considerations are made to ensure perfect execution.

Choices for your wedding day will be considered through every lens imaginable–experience, aesthetic, comfort, overall feeling, and execution. Wedding planners can help you elevate your ambiance and ensure each moment is imbued with the magic of your love story.


Bride getting ready with timeline | Why You Need a Wedding Planner for Design | Irene and Co | Zion Brides Feature

2. Real-Life Examples of Wedding Planner Design & Logistic Services

Not sure how a wedding planner’s influence can ensure success for every element of your wedding day? Consider these sorts of real-life examples from my wedding design days to explain how wedding planners can take charge, perfect the details, and promise a seamless experience.


1. Timeless Table Settings & Meal Design

Did you know that table setting displays don’t always work hand-in-hand with the plates that the kitchen or caterer can serve from? If you’re planning on a seated, plated dinner for your guests, you’ll need double the plates you’ll use.

Once a plate is on the table and someone sits in front of it, that plate cannot be picked up and taken back to the kitchen to serve from for health code reasons (it’s not considered sanitary!). The same sort of rule goes for things like champagne flutes and wine glasses, too!

A wedding planner can help you work through logistics that make sense–like serving tableside or setting up dual table settings if needed.

Place setting | Why You Need a Wedding Planner for Design | Irene and Co | Zion Brides Feature

2. Magical Music, Band, & DJ Setups


It’s best practice to never assume anything about the band or DJ setup. A wedding planner can help you get the full picture of what the setup looks like, how big it is, and the necessary space requirements.

Planners will ask for photos and videos, factor the layout into the setup, double-check the light fixtures to ensure the aesthetics match, and ensure a seamless experience for the music element of your wedding day.

Further, they can help you set the mood and create a lasting atmosphere that’s never interrupted by music happening at the wrong time. Planners help you prepare for–and mitigate–the worst possible scenarios. What if the band plays the wrong version of a song? (It’s happened). What if the music sheets fly all over the mountain after a rogue guest of wind? (That’s happened, too).

Planners can help you make sure things like this don’t happen by:

● Sending correct links to the right songs
● Communicate the conditions of the venue
● Request appropriate equipment for the venue’s challenges
● Covers and shade for musicians in outdoor spaces

And that’s just the start of the list.


3. Decadent Dessert Design


Let’s pretend for a moment your couple designed a stunning, double-floating cake for the guests to enjoy at their wedding. In my experience as a planner (and as someone who had to plan for a double floating wedding cake for the guests), it would have made much more sense for the top layer to be a fake layer to avoid the precarious weight of a double cake.

Experiences like that have taught me valuable lessons–settle on two cakes, one floating cake for the aesthetics and one sheet cake for the guests that’s much easier to serve.


4. Seamless Seating Charts

Deciding where to seat all your guests is just one part of the seating chart puzzle. The needs and requirements of a seating chart will change depending on the venue, the conditions of the day, and the vision a couple has for their wedding.

For example, an outdoor wedding needs different seating considerations than an indoor wedding. You’ll need to consider the possibility of wind, rain, and other surprise weather factors. Consider the positioning of every chair, stock up on glue dots, and be ready to pivot (ask me how I know this is important).


Bride with florals | Why You Need a Wedding Planner for Design | Irene and Co | Zion Brides Feature

Real-Life Examples of Wedding Planner Design & Logistic Services

Whether you know it or not, it’s the tiny details that make or break wedding days. My advice? Hire a planner with the experience, vision, and meticulous nature to see your wedding day through every scope.

With ten years of experience in the industry and hundreds of weddings planned, I’ve proudly learned to see a wedding day through the lens of the big picture and the tiniest of details. I’ll help you stop weak spots before they happen, create an easy-to-execute day, and experience a one-of-a-kind wedding day.


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