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Why Hire an Elopement Planner?

Why Hire an Elopement Planner?
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Written by SunRae Planning

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Why You Should Hire an Elopement Planner

We TOTALLY get it. Planning a “big expensive wedding with 100+ people” is not the vibe for everyone and there are a million reasons that you might not want this type of traditional celebration. Even so, that does not mean that you have to sacrifice ANY of the “traditional” elements that you want. An intimate celebration in an epically beautiful location with your closest friends/family (maybe), a jaw-dropping design, and doing everything the way YOU want?! Check, check, check… count us in! These are some of the reasons why you should hire an elopement planner.

When it comes to planning & designing your wedding celebration, you deserve every detail that your heart desires (and you can uninvite anyone who tells you otherwise!)

Here’s the thing though… just because it’s “just the two of you” or “just a small group” doesn’t mean that you should have to handle all the planning, design, and logistics on your own!

No freaking way.

There are still design elements (even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body!) Timelines need to be created (and no, this is not something the photographer should be doing!) There are still MOMENTS that you deserve to be 10,000% present for (yes, 10,000%)!

That is where SunRae Planning comes in and a few reasons around why you should hire an elopement planner. It might be the best decision you make!


1. Timeline Planning


Logistics are our specialty. This is such a huge part of what we do and there is a LOT of back-and-forth communication with vendors to make sure that arrival times are correct and that there is an adequate amount of time allotted for each part of the day.

Photographers often offer “timeline services” but their focus is a “photo timeline” – when will you do the first look, what time are vows, when do you need to wrap up photos to leave for dinner? Those are things your photographer should be handling but they are NOT a planner and should not be handling timeline logistics for the entire day! This is what we do best. We will make sure that things stay on track so that you can have fun!


Corrina & Michael wedding the villa zion red rock wedding venue southern utah sunrae jocelyns florals legacy event

2. Vendors and Local Recommendations

Vendors are a huge part of the success of your celebration and we know the most incredible professional vendors who know how to deliver quality. We are research queens and if we don’t already know the right person for the job, we will search high and low to find one just for you! Whether it is a cake artist, florist, photographer, content creator, or hair/makeup artist, you’ll need a vendor for that. We’re here to take the work off your plate and help you avoid the overwhelm by providing our top recommendations.


3. Design Assistance

- The colors you use for your bouquet

- Finding a location for your vow exchange

- The shape and size of your cake

- “Extras/accessories” that you want to incorporate

- The personalized touches that you want.

- The textures and shapes you use for your invitation/announcements

- Discovering the style of photography you want

- The tabletop decor for your private dinner

- Additional rentals needed for your ceremony (like chairs, and yes - there are a lot of options!)

As elopement planners & designers, we plan the logistics and also your design which is built on your relationship as the foundation. Our goal is to infuse your relationship and love story into your celebration. Our favorite words from couples about their design is, “THAT’S SO US!” Design is our FAVORITE part of the planning process because each wedding that we design is completely different. After all, our couples are all unique which is what makes them special.

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4. On-Site Support


We are there to support you on your wedding day in many different ways. Sometimes it’s by setting up the intimate picnic that we plan, holding your bouquet when it’s not needed in photos, and fixing your necklace and hair so that it's always perfectly in place. Anything that you need that day, we are there for you. We are an extra set of hands to carry your things and assist the photographer so that they can focus on what they do best: photographing your love!


5. Your Moments Matter

Take a minute and think about your elopement. Are you hiking to a mountain peak or wandering the streets of one of your favorite cities? How do you want to feel? What experiences do you want to have? Is your wedding dress “perfectly you” and is your bouquet more beautiful than you could have imagined? What vows did you and your partner make to each other? What was your first meal as a married couple?

THESE ARE THE MOMENTS you deserve to be present for, and we want you to remember every single one. When you hire a planner, this is exactly where your focus will stay because our team is handling everything behind the scenes. We will ensure the dinner picnic was set up and the limo arrived at the correct location. We double-checked that your bouquet was designed with vibrant colors and that the pendant of your grandma who recently passed away was attached. Our team will help make sure you ate and drank and that you made it to all the beautiful locations that you wanted photos at so that your focus could be on each other.


Ready to have some fun?! We cannot WAIT to get started and see what ideas we can help you bring to life.



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