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Zion Brides’ Vendor Irene + CO Events Selected for TEDx Talks

Zion Brides’ Vendor Irene + CO Events Selected for TEDx Talks
Irene holding the X for Tedx | Zion Brides and Irene and Co Events at TedX Talk St. George

Photos by Joe Cowdell

Irene + CO Events Selected for TEDx St. George

In a beautiful moment of collaboration, the wedding world has harmoniously stepped into the world of TEDx, a grassroots initiative on a mission to spread ideas worth sharing.

At Zion Brides, we have a deep understanding of how wedding vendors impact a couple’s wedding day. But we also know it’s so much more than that. We get a front-row seat to witness how passionate wedding vendors can change the world and impact the lives of everyone they work with.

Irene Katzias of Irene + Co Events, a Zion Brides’ preferred wedding planner, is one of those vendors. She was recently chosen to take part in a TEDx Talk with Tedx St. George and share a passionate speech about intentionally designed wedding days and how couples can step into their power and craft a wedding day that feels perfect for them.

She shares step-by-step advice in her talk while painting the picture of what a perfect wedding truly looks like when couples choose to intentionally create magical moments that matter to them.

As a vendor in the wedding industry, we couldn’t agree more with Irene, and we were proud to sponsor her speech in the TEDx project. We invite everyone to join us in watching Irene’s TEDx Talk on designing an intentional and magical wedding day.


1Exclusive Q & A with Irene Katzias on her TEDx Talk


We sat down with Irene to discuss her TEDx experience, what went into designing a speech that would captivate listeners, and how it feels to represent the wedding industry in such a unique and empowering way.


Q: How were you chosen to give a TEDx Talk?

I had to go through a long audition process where I submitted an application, and my speech and had to film myself giving that speech. I had set a goal last fall to get more involved in public speaking and push myself out of my comfort zone–and when this opportunity arose, I knew I had to take it. But as soon as I submitted my application, even though I’d worked hard on it, I sort of pushed it out of my mind. Later when I got a callback to come and do another audition with my speech, I was so excited.


Q:  What was the preparation process like in creating your TEDx Talk?

It was a very involved process. It went from accepting the honor of giving a TEDx Talk to a very intense journey–I got emails about the process almost immediately, and I was assigned a coach I worked with weekly to work on my talk. I also had virtual rehearsals where I was able to hear other talks, and other speakers heard mine, and we gave live feedback throughout.



Q:  That’s a ton of work–how did you know when you and your talk were ready?


At some point I realized that I had so many different versions of this talk floating around in my head–my original version, the adjusted version my coach helped me work on, the version influenced by all the feedback. Eventually, my TEDx coach Allison told me “You’re in a good place–this talk is ready.” And from then on, I was memorizing it. I recorded it on my phone and was constantly listening to it–practicing little sections at a time between mom and wedding life.


Q: What was the lead-up like to having your TEDx Talk taped?


The day before the Talk was taped, I and some other speakers met up with the TEDx team for a press day. We got great professional photos, met up with some past speakers who gave us all advice and were even led through meditation by a previous speaker who helped us all get centered. The TEDx team was so supportive.


Q:  How did it feel to give your speech on the day of filming?

I was so nervous. The process was exhilarating but also humbling. The speech wasn’t without bumps, and even though it took two takes, at the end of it the crowd there gave me a round of roaring applause. I was able to watch people listening to me–captivated by what I was saying. That felt really good to see full smiles and people truly interested to hear every word.




Q:  How do you feel about representing the industry and the wedding vendor community in something as important as a TEDx?

As a wedding planner in everyday society or normal life, I get the “oh, that’s cool, that’s so fun” kind of response. They don’t have the perspective of what we do because they’re not directly involved in the industry. In the wedding world, planners have a ton of respect because those involved get it.

Taking this information into the real world–and having that spread into the world of TEDx, was unheard of. I am told by TEDx producers that I’m the first wedding professional (specifically a wedding planner) in the U.S. to give a TEDx speech. I want to do everything to the best of my ability and represent everyone in this industry well.

Q:  Are you excited about your TEDx Talk being released into the world?

I’m taking a leap; I have to trust that it’s all going to work out. I’m putting my words and my face very publicly online. There are nerves there! But this process inspired me. With the TEDx Talk coming out, I’m launching my new podcast, Peak Perfection Wedding Planning. Hopefully, people who enjoy that talk will want to listen to it. You can find it here on Spotify!

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