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Zion Observation Point: Desert Inspiration

Deb and Lex  traveled from the mid west to Utah for their adventure session in Zion National Park. They had rented a camper van to camp in for their elopement night and do one heck of an epic road trip after traveling all the way up to Washington.

Observation Point Sweethearts

We meet them on some BLM land close to the park where they had camped the night before and that we would camp at again on the wedding night together. Lex got dressed into his traditional Scottish attire and waited for Deb. She got ready partly in the van and partly outside before walking over to Lex for them to get all of their jitters out!  It had rained and the road conditions were basically a slushy mud pit!

Deb + Lex _ Adventure + Vow _ Zion Elopement-6_websize
Deb + Lex _ Adventure + Vow _ Zion Elopement-51_websize

It was an adventure just getting to the location, but we knew the location would be pretty private. We hiked along through the pines and when we got a clearing we popped off the main trail to get a first glimpse of the canyon walls and area below us. That was when we all thought, "Heck yes, we are doing this!"

zion national park elopement Deb + Lex _ Adventure + Vow _ Zion Elopement-152_websize

We kept hiking along until we got to the main vista, with totally privacy, minus the chipmunks here and there trying to make friends. Deb and Lex decided begin their session first.  As full ceremonies are not allowed on Observation Point, it was essentially a special session commemorating their love for each other.

We took photos as they shared hand written vows with each other that were so beautiful with a few tears shed and a big boast of excitement once they sealed the deal with a kiss.

Deb + Lex _ Adventure + Vow _ Zion Elopement-186_websize
Deb + Lex _ Adventure + Vow _ Zion Elopement-211_websize

We explored different areas of the canyon’s vistas, drinking champagne, taking photos with their Polaroid and watching the sunset.

Deb + Lex _ Adventure + Vow _ Zion Elopement-267_websize

Once the sunset had set and blue hour started in, we began our hike back to the Jeep. We were anticipating a clear night to be able to see the stars. As blue hour turned to darkness on our hike out, we started to see different star formations and eventually the Milky Way.

eloping zion national park wedding bride adventure florals traditions tips planner photographer4 (1)

On our way out from the trailhead to camp we did some cool photos with the Jeep and the Milky Way. Upon returning to camp, Lex set up his telescope to be able to get a better look at the stars while Deb set up their charcuterie board for dinner and of course one of her self baked cakes for desert. Since Deb is a baker she was excited to do her own wedding cake, it was also super tasty even after flying all of those miles from home to Zion.

Deb + Lex _ Adventure + Vow _ Zion Elopement-292_websize
Deb + Lex _ Adventure + Vow _ Zion Elopement-296_websize (1)

We ended the night at a small little camp fire before we all headed off into our own vans for a good nights rest. The next day we said our farewells, Bill and I traveling back to Sedona and Deb and Lex heading North to Wyoming, Montana, Washington and ending their trip in California. It was one heck of an adventure and such a beautiful moment to be able to share with these two amazing people!


Photographers- Adventure and Vow

AdventureAndVow AJPhoto Casandrah Forevermore Nikibaldwin Shutterfreek Unleashed

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